Thursday, March 31, 2016

Living a life of Joy

This week has had opportunities filled with joy moments. I love when we can see good things in the small mundane of our lives with no real big bells or whistles. 

I received an email this week that had me geeked. Many of you know I regularly read, review and blog about books. That's no secret if you been coming around to these parts of the world for a little bit. When I received an email saying the former president of Starbucks, yes the coffee company we all love: A.K.A. my particular addiction to red cups and caramel fraps read my review of his latest book and enjoyed the review so much that he put it on his Linkedin profile. To say I was humbled and honored couldn't describe my feelings. I joke with my friends. So, does this mean I get Starbucks for life? Right! He and I connected online.  It's the small things that bring joy to our life. 

It was also that same day that I got out for a 3 mile run where I was able to run in shorts. I even shaved 6 minutes off my previous time, which was great, but nowhere I want to be. However, compared to where I started, it's it a total of 11 minutes off my 3-mile run. I was turtle speed when I began running in February. It was also the first run in three weeks since I had been so sick. My body needed the rest greatly, and it paid off. The joy of wearing shorts and feeling the sun through my shirt was priceless. I'm always cold no matter what. 

My Bible study has been really challenging me this week. It has brought me great joy to talk with women who are so passion about understanding the word and then digging deep to want to grow, teach their children and being living examples. Hearing their conversation brings me joy.

What is bringing you joy this week? Big or small? 

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Two Runners Travel said...

Those are some great things going on this week for you, Sarah! :) Being able to up my mileage, albeit very slowly, has been bringing me joy this week.