Saturday, March 26, 2016

Her Texas Family by Jill Lynn Book Review

Single, good looking, widow doctor. Young, attractive, smart and spunky female. Is this book going straight for the romance department aisle ten? WRONG! 

Did I fail to mention one little thing? How about the cute little girl named Mattie? Better yet, let's talk about her grandparents. Cue the music... dun.. dun.. dun.. the WELLINGTONS. This is gonna be a hot mess. If you have plans to travel warm for Spring Break or even summer, like a theme park or enjoy the pool, alter your plans ASAP. You'll be spending it with your head stuck in."Her Texas Family." You can thank me later for this recommendation. I like to think of myself as a book junkie, I even tried to pace myself through this book, it couldn't be done. GOOD LUCK!

And if you think oh, I'll just read a little here or there, you'll be up all night until it's finished, so plan on finishing it in one sitting. You'll be cooking and reading at the same time. It is a book that sucks you in and won't let go. Don't worry; you'll be laughing, crying and your heart will be filled with joy! 
Now that I have you interested, let's talk about some plot, shall we? We've already got the doctor, Graham Redmond and his sweet daughter, Mattie, but wait till you meet Lucy Grayson. Lucy is adventurous, push your buttons, sweet and a heart bigger than your head, stubborn as a box of rocks, Ms. Independent, kind of gal. She isn't going to ask for help if it costs her the car and some keys. That's how she rolls. This time around will life be different for her? Will she ask for help? Will Graham seek the help he needs for Mattie and follow his heart or will the Wellingtons get in the way? Will the two of them learn a little something about God along the way? I don't know. Actually, I do, but you don't!  

Pre-order this puppy because it will go fast. And if you don't, the supermarket will sell out in our area, because I'll be scooping them up.. Just saying. Head over to Amazon and Pre-order! Thank you to Jill for sending me a copy before it the hit market. My eyes were welling with tears several times; my heart was full of laughter, and it was insanely adventurous! Thank you for adding zest back into my reading life. This is one of those books that goes on the special shelf and get's pulled out again for several reads. It's that fun!  The rating scale doesn't go higher than 5 stars, but I give it 10 stars! Go Order it! Amazon is on standby waiting for your order.  

Jill LynnAbout the Author: Jill Lynn lives near the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband and two children who make her laugh on a daily basis. She does more dancing in the kitchen with her family than she does cooking, and she has a thing for coffee, books, boots and thrift stores. Connect with her at or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest @JillLynnAuthor.


Mary Jackson said...

I want to read this after reading your review!

Sarah said...

You won't be disappointed, Mary!