Tuesday, February 23, 2016


You may have noticed; I have unplugged from writing for a while. Sometimes the things we love, asks us to take a step back for the sake of falling back in love again. 

Unplugging hasn't just been from writing on my blog, but from my phone, texts, emails and social media. I think we can all agree that our phones blow up, like our Facebook notifications, and it gets exhausting. 


All of the sudden my phone has fifteen text messages, and it won't stop. Does this happen to you? Do you ever feel like you can't silence the thing? Sure it has a silence mode, but the messages pile up, and you can't get to them all. It's so lovely to have friends and family that care and want to talk to you. It's a love/ hate relationship. However, you can't shut the thing off and often it will consume hours of my day if I let it. 

I found this picture at a store and it's exactly me lately! 

 In the past week, I have just let it all go the wayside more than usual, and it has been beautiful. I'm trying to be intentional about my time, especially with whom and the ways, I devote my time right now. I'm learning this season in my life is very special, limited and that the urgent keeps distracting me from the important. I've had to put the brakes on things, and I keep being reminded to limit the distractions, stay focused on the course and be intentional about the things in front of me. 

Not writing anything on my blog about life, has allowed me to work on writing projects that have been sitting. Sometimes saying "no" to one thing allows you to say "yes" to another thing, which is what I've needed to do. I also have been trying to show myself grace and mercy in the process, which is hard. I'm back to blogging and regular programming. I'm sure we have a lot of life to catch up on, and I can't wait to talk to y'all about it.

Has your phone blown up and you just need to be intentional about leaving it there? Do you answer all your text messages right away? Emails? How do you handle the constant social media blasts? Do you take a day away from all of it? 


Susan P said...

Simplicity!! No media, no social stuff. :) I love that life.

Sarah said...

You're great at this! I could learn a thing or two from you :)

Two Runners Travel said...

While on vacation the last few weeks, I had very little SM interaction and it was wonderful. Some aspects of SM are enjoyable but other times, a break is perfect.

Sarah said...

Agree. I am glad you enjoyed your travels and had a break from the SM interactions.