Friday, February 12, 2016

Unlacing the Shoes

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday I had another PT appointment and I left extremely disappointment. Actually, disappointed is an understatement, but rather the of overwhelming feeling of sadness. Until further notice, I won't be lacing up my shoes and in fact, Physical Therapy has been entirely put to a halt. Sad, frustrated, angry and a sense of loss are just some of the emotions I am feeling over this.

Here's the skinny: Unfortunately, #purplelegsyndrome is not going away and the physical therapist is concerned he could be doing more damage, which is understandable. Until they can find the cause of the discoloration, he doesn't want to treat the symptom that could be the potential of a larger problem, which I respect. Let's fix the problem and not just the symptom of something larger. My feets are better; my legs are not. They still are super tight with knots in them continually, and he can spend twenty minutes getting the knots out, for them to return two days.  It isn't normal, especially after all the stretching and rest.  However, by being a good physical therapist and looking out for my best interest, it doesn't mean I'm getting out there running and exercising, which is very hard.  I miss running like I miss eating garbage food after a long run.  

The game plan:  I return back to the Sports Medicine doctor next week to be referred on to probably any number of further specialists for additional testing. In this household, we have some theories, as I've started to do some significant research on this stuff.  If a doctor can't figure it out, be your advocate. I'm not WEB MD-ing it; I'm reading about the structure of veins, blood flow, and other unusual things that could be going on. Sometimes unusual symptoms have led me to some weird online diagnosis's that others have been treated for, which I've furthered explored. At this point, I feel like it's my only choice or I will see every specialist on this side of the earth and it will all be "normal." 

I couldn't agree more with the PT about just treating a symptom and not the real problem. We need to get to the bottom of this, especially when I have no injury to either leg or knee. He is correct, but it doesn't mean I don't want to run! On the positive side, I am no longer in my custom orthotics! Those things are toast, and I've decided I will use them to make some form of art. Goodbye, you bricks, I will never wear you again, and I don't recommend ever going to them, unless you want to have shin splints and run awful race times! Thank you to podiatrists and custom orthotic people who just wanted to make money off me. Y'all lied!  A second piece of goodnews, we are actually treating the problem and not the symptoms anymore! We're gonna get there, it's just gonna take sometime. Staying positive and focused is making it very hard, but I'm sure as heck trying! 

So, I need feedback on how to stay positive with this thing y'all? I've been 109 days without running!!! Give me all you got people, please?  I feel like I'm losing my mind over here in this part of the world! HELP? I'm calling in the professionals!! I welcome your encouragement and advice? 

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