Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Seam Allowances

After careful calculation, measurement and seam allowance, I discovered the cute snowman fabric I intended to make a pillow case out of, wasn't big enough for seam allowances. {Sad face} It's back to the drawing board for plan B. Yesterday, I  pulled out my quilting magazines, books and looked online for different ideas on how to use this fun fabric. I am not giving up on it, and I will find an alternative way to use it, despite the fact that it isn't quite large enough to make a pillow case. 

Seam allowances.
We sometimes over or underestimate them. 
We undervalue the importance of them.
We overestimated.
We wasted fabric.

{If you don't know what a seam allowance is, allow me to explain. It is the area between the edge and stitching line on two or more pieces of material being stitched together. It can range from 1/4 inch wide to several inches depending on different patterns or what the sewer is putting together. }

Seam allowances remind me a lot of the words we speak. We talk too much and over-estimate the words we say, which can be damaging to people's lives because our words speak life or death. We undervalue the importance of how our words can bring a smile to someone's face or a frown. They can either cause a person to move forward or live in the past. Sometimes we talk and talk without realizing that our words are just wasteful like fabric that could be used if we measured correctly. Our heart is the wellspring of life and what comes out of our mouths reflect what's in our hearts. Let's not waste our words. Or maybe the opposite is true, perhaps you thought your words were gentle, loving, graceful, but along the way you discovered you didn't allow seam allowances and now the words you thought were gracious and thoughtful, weren't. Sometimes maybe you're like me, and you don't know what to say, so you underestimate, say nothing and, therefore, don't comfort someone who could use words of encouragement to move forward. Oh, the power of words. They are so life-giving and so detrimental. I have been thinking so much about them.

" Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone." Colossians 4:6

Has your tongue ever got you tied up into a mess?{Raises hand} Don't over or underestimate your seam allowances (your words). They have the power to change someone's life. Do you believe words are powerful? 


Two Runners Travel said...

Super cute fabric sarah. What about making a patch work pillowcase using some other fabric? If you make is easy with four inch squares it would not taken too long.

Sarah said...

That's a lovely idea. I still may combine a solid fabric and then it I could use the entire fabric. I'll keep you posted :)