Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February!!!

Happy February 1st! I love that January is over! Here in Michigan, it feels like the longest month of winter. Spring is on its way, and I know across the country people are starting to see warm weather, YAY!!!

I would like to give some updates on some pretty big life projects going on around the storm world. First, let's talk about the world without purchasing stuff to see how we came out.

1 Bridesmaids Dress per our agreement- Free shipping was offering- savings of $12
1 lunch with two ladies who I haven't seen in a six months- $6
2 Financial contributions to things out of our regular expenses. 

Savings: $628.00

We took half of that and put it towards a student loan, put another $129.00 towards Drew's life insurance that will be due in the August towards his premium, budgeted a realistic grocery budget as our grocery bill has been huge lately because we aren't eating processed food anymore. Amazing when you eat at home, eat healthy food, you feel so much better, but it is a lot more expensive. We are going to the grocery store a lot more. Anyone who says that it isn't as expensive LIES, but you can't afford not to eat well. Processed is killing us all. We watched an interesting Juicing documentary this weekend. The more I watch about food the ability it has to heal us from the inside out, the more I'm convinced the medical industry has it wrong. It has a time and a place, but we need to wake up and make better food choices.

Purging 2016 items in 2016: 

For the month of January, we've hit 519 items!!! 
 We are 25% of the way through. If you don't think you have 2016 items, you most definitely do! We are only in January, and we have no problem getting rid of our stuff.  

Yesterday, I did a major purge on documents and paper.  Do you ever keep paper thinking you'll need it? I am a person who thinks we will need it someday, but the truth of the matter is, I won't. I have paperwork from 2008. It's time to get rid of it. I just grabbed taxes anything before 2007, and they will be hitting the shredder. Aren't you suppose to keep them for 7 years???  I came up with three brown bags of paper. Half of the stuff we don't own anymore, we don't have accounts there anymore, or we've paid it off, or they are memories of the past! Time to shred and open up more room in our filing cabinet!! Purging feels good! 

This morning I had my Doppler Ultrasound, and awaiting results. Additionally, I am also waiting for my blood work results. Waiting can be hard, but I am being patient through the process. PT is going well, and I hope to be running soon! 

How was your weekend? What did Y'all do?



Mindy said...

Girl! You're supposed to KEEP your tax stuff for 3 years!! Don't shred that! :)

Sarah said...

Sorry, Mindy! I'm glad you caught that! It was supposed to read- I got rid of my taxes as in seven years ago.. From 2007.... :( I didn't know it was three years.. I thought it was 7 years..

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, eating healthy is expensive!!!! I get so irritated when I hear people say you can eat healthy on a budget & it doesn't have to be expensive, I call bull on that!!!! We tried feeding our family of 5 & felt like we needed to take out a loan just to do it!!!

Sarah said...

It expensive!! Don't take out loan, but it sure feels that way!! The one thing I've learned it to meal plan just for the week and only that. Account for the needs of the week.. It means you're going to the grocery store 4x a month, but you're giving your kids healthy options.