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An Amish Market Four Novella's in one book.. Don't Miss it!!!

An Amish Market
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An Amish Market is just that! Look no further than a book packed with four great Amish novella's that you'll have a difficult time choosing which one to dive in first.  At the beginning of each story, the authors provided a glossary of the German dialect spoken by the Amish, which is extremely helpful to the reader. You'll also love the recipes that each author brings to the table at the back of the book, which I recommend making after each story. You'll be disappointed when each story is finished, but not to worry because you'll have something to munch on as you get ready for the next novella, especially the cookie recipes. YUM! 

Amy Clipston will steal your heart in "Love Birds" as you enter the quaint gift shop Ellie works at in Bird-In-Hand Pennsylvania only to convince her friend, Llyod to start selling his beautiful wooden birds. Despite Llyod's opposition, Ellie won't have it.  Ms. Cliptson writes a story about forgiveness, trust, and betrayal.  This story is lovely, and her attention to character depth, story plot, and smooth transitions will capture you from th e beginning of the book as you mourn the loss of Seth till the very ending where your heart is pounding. Will love be in the works for Ellie and Llyod or did her mistake ruin her future?  You'll be in a whole ball of knots until the end wondering what happens!! I would recommend this Novella and any other full-length books by Amy Clipston as they are excellent reads.

In "A Bid for Love" by Kathleen Fuller, Hannah makes and sells home churned butter, but when Ezra is captured by Hannah's smile, he can't help but return to buy her butter. Of course at the local auction, Hannah saves all of her money to bid on a quilt but confronts Ezra because she can't understand why he would want to outbid her? When the auction doesn't go as either planned, will it lead to romance or a complete disaster? This story is light-hearted, and Kathy has a unique way of immersing the reader in the story, which continues to the Market feel. 

Will is left with a broken heart in "Sweeter than Honey" by Kelly Irvin. He must work through some forgiveness and even prayer to get past his wounded heart. Isabella comes along, a bit awkward and clumsy, which made me laugh out loud as I can totally relate to being a klutz. I love it when characters are real. She also has a pure heart with intentions to help Will move on. Is Isabella the one Will turns to in his time of need? Will sparks of romance fly or will a friendship evolve? Sweeter than Honey is just that, Sweet! 

Finally, Vannetta Chapman wraps up the Amish Market series in the final Novella entitled "Love in Store". Mystery and romance wrapped into one, David and Stella work together to solve some odd thing at the Old Amish Mill. Stella's character is perfect as she is a bit stark and bitter while David is the complete opposite. He is a family man willing to do anything. However, as we learn the past behind Stella, you can't help but empathize with her. The plot thickens and moves fast leaving the reader guessing who is behind the strange happenings? You'll enjoy how "Love in Store" wraps up the market series.

The Amish Market is a wonderful set of Novella's sure to be enjoyed for many years to come. They are the perfect bite-sized stories to read in the evening. 

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