Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Updates, Updates, Read All About Them

Happy Snowy Wednesday Morning my dear Pure Michigan friends! It is freezing cold here, and my body continues to remind me that I AM NOT made for this kind of weather. 

Snow outside my car window

Last night, I headed to the doctors office for part 1 of my knee and feet issues. They decided to X-ray my knee, but I am almost 99% percent certain the X-ray will come back clear as it has in the past because I have had no injury to it. I haven't done anything recently that I am aware of that would have injured it, so I'm not expecting anything to show up, but you NEVER know. Nonetheless, I wait with patience for the results.  In the meantime, a referral has been made to physical therapy, again. This time, I am looking for someone different. I am calling my local running store today for a recommendation because we need to get this Plantar Fasciitis in check.  We are talking THREE years now of this injury, and I can't handle it much longer!!  So that is the update for running, biking and anything else I had in my plan book for races this year. I need to REST! I need a recommendation for an awesome physical therapist; we will wait for X-rays results and go from there. 

To live more simplistic in 2016, we are aiming to get rid of 2016 items. Our lives are filled with stuff, which tends to clutter our lives. I call it stuffitis (inflammation of the stuff).  In our culture, we buy and rent storage units to hold our stuff. Why? I think it's because we have this FEAR mentality that if we get rid of it, we might need it some day. We also are guilted into holding on to something because it was from a relative, but we would never actually use the item, so we keep it. GUILT makes us keep stuff. Another reason people hold on to their stuff is SHAME.  We keep stuff because we feel ashamed of how much we've spent on an item, so we won't give an item away. I remember an episode of the T.V. show, Friends where Monica bought an expensive pair of boots that hurt her so bad and gave her blisters. She didn't want her boyfriend, Chandler to know they hurt so bad, so she wore them all the time giving her blisters, but she wore them despite how terrible they were on her feet. She kept wearing them until Chandler carried her home one night because she couldn't walk anymore. Would you go through your closets and boots to get rid of stuff that doesn't fit or maybe even hurts?

 For us to live more simple in 2016, we have decided to go through our closets, books, magazines, shoes, running gear, etc. and look at our STUFF.

The clutter on my desk! Ahhh!!! 

We are going to ask ourselves these four simple questions to determine if it stays or if it goes:  

How many times have I used this item in the last year? 

Do I love it?
Would I buy it again?
Will I continue to give it the storage space it has? 

If we can't honestly answer yes to all of these questions, then I am giving it away, throwing it away, recycling it or donating it.  Yesterday, I was able to purge 28 things, and I wasn't even trying to clean out anything. Can you imagine if you had one big purge day? On days where the weather is just awful, I will be spending my time trying to get rid of 2016 items in the year 2016. I will keep you updated. Who needs all this stuff? I certainly don't and what better way to live more simply than to give to people who could benefit from my stuff. 

This book shelf is running out of space :(

Are you a saver or a purger? Do you clean out clutter daily? Monthly? Talk to me about your tips. I am curious about how you maintain clutter free. Do you think you have 2016 items you could get rid of? 




Susan P said...

I have 7 donation papers from last year, and I know i declined a paper at least two times. These are trunk loads of things I get rid of. It is amazing what "stuff" we have in our lives. My goal is one year - one year to make this house empty. I have a "staging area" in our house that collects give away stuff. As I go about my daily life if I see something that is useless or not wanted I grab it and walk it straight to the staging area. Every couple weeks I drive that huge pile to Rustic Market. When I actually get the huge purge motivation I end up with about two trips worth of give away stuff. How is that even possible?! Where was all this sitting?! UGH, I just hate it - knowing this crap is in my house.
Good for you starting this!! Keep it up!!

Sarah said...

I love that every two weeks you drop it off! What great motivation! I bet you give way more than 2016 items a year!!

Two Runners Travel said...

I love clearly things out, but I have a habit of saving waaaay too much. This year, I am making a concerted effort to rid myself of all the extra stuff we do not need. Hope the knee starts feeling better soon with a good diagnosis.

Sarah said...

I love getting rid of things! It makes me feel fee! Thanks, the doctor was not helpful at all, so we will see.

Shirley R said...

Thank you for the push I needed to start purging. For a long time I have felt weighted down with so much stuff that I can't get to do some of the things I enjoy. I will be striving to get rid of 2016 items and more this year!

Sarah said...

You're welcome!! Let me know how the progress goes!!