Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Secrets of Humming Bird Cake Book Review

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The Secret to HummingBird Cake is the best book I have read in a long time, which says a lot for an avid reader and reviewer. First, I will disclaim this; many readers will be off put by this book because of the REAL life junk that happens in the book. Yes, I said REAL life, you know the thing you and I are living. This book isn't some sweet fairy tale, but it's sassy, painful, messy and downright lovable. The Secret to Humming Bird Cake will make you laugh so hard and cry tears you didn't know existed. Your husband will look at you, and question if he made you upset or if you ate something funky? Any book that makes you cry and laugh simultaneously is a book well worth reading more than once, which is what you will find here. The characters aren't perfect and in fact, have faults, just like readers, which makes this book a breath of fresh air.

The Secrets to HummingBird Cake has a Southern charm of a small town, but don't mistake that for the beautiful friendships these three women have. Their friendship is a once in a life time and God Bless their hearts, we'd be lucky to have true friendship like these three women. They can call each other about their mistakes, but pull them by the boot straps to carry them through the mud. And if you give this book a bad review because you're gawking at three words used in this book, look behind you, you have one too, move on. Life isn't perfect, I still love Jesus, and no, I'm not the condoning language, but you've missed the point of the book if you're off put three-word choices. This book isn't about that. Chances are, you're probably offended by the C- word, but those are just my thoughts. This book hit close to home as so many of friends have children battling ALL and EWIGS Sarcoma. In my opinion, The Secrets to HummingBird Cake touches on the things that matter most to me; Marriage, friendship, faith, giving in the unseen, Cancer and love. When the final page has been turned, you will be thinking about this book and wishing you had friends like Laine, Ella Rae & Carri. I want to see this book made into a film, and I wish Ms. McHale the very best in her writing. You gained me as a reader for life.

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for providing me a complimentary copy for review and my honest opinion, which I have given. 

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