Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Cord Cutter Movement

A movement has started where people are cutting their cords. Many have lived without this amenity or luxury for quite some time; for others it's always been a part of our lives.  We finally cut the cable and are joining the wonderful world of living without cable. 

As a kid, I always had a cable, and it's weird not having it. In trying to live a simpler life, it was time to cut the cord. It has always been a cost, but recently it's cost us an arm and a leg. It's not worth the expense and, quite frankly, our cable company was not willing to work with us on price, which continued to motivate me to get rid of it.  

I will miss the Hallmark Channel, TLC, and let's face it, the Disney Channel for Girl Meets World, but I will live.  And yes, I love Girl Meets World, although lately, I have been a bit disappointed with the episodes. However, I think they are starting to turn the show around. Alas, we will be joining the world of Netflix like the rest of the cool kids who are "Cord Cutters" or have never had cable

Some of you may have never had cable, so for you, this AINT no THANG!  For us, it's helping us reduce our lifestyle and move into one that is slower, less media driven and it's shifting our priorities to things that are important. We are slowing down our lives. We are moving at a slower rate because our world is too fast; we are trading the convenience for the inconvenience in hopes of a sweeter life. And, frankly, we can put that money to use as we continue to pay down student loan debt. I'm excited to hand the cable boxes back to the service provider. I'm sad that I will miss my dear Hallmark Channel. It's been real. I'll see you somewhere else. 

Are you recently a cord cutter? Or have you always been without out cable? Do you have cable?? Thoughts? 


Two Runners Travel said...

I know others who are cutting out cable but it would never work for my husband. He loves his sports waaay too much to cut the cord. I wonder if you could get the Hallmark Channel through your computer....might be worth checking!

Sarah said...

We have not had cable for several years. We don't miss it. There are so many other things we do with our time, and when we want to watch something, we grab a movie instead. It's amazing how much time the TV can eat! You can do this... ;-)

Fred said...

I went from paying $100+ per month for cable TV and internet to paying $30 a month for internet and $10 for netflix... Yeah... I should've done this a LONG time ago.

Sarah said...

It's nice huh?? Glad you joined the movement and your bill is lower. Have fun with the extra!