Monday, January 25, 2016


Good Morning and Happy Monday! I know many of you across the country have experienced the unusual weather of WINTER! I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful snow and were able to create some special memories this past weekend.

Have you experienced the sensation of an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach? You feel like you're either going to vomit or pass out. It's uncontrollable, and it can be the worse feeling in the world when a wave hits you. And worse, the waves of nausea come crashing, and they slowly stop enough for you to catch a breath, before the next wave hits. You just want it to stop and pray for it end soon because your body can't handle the sensations. You snack on some crackers or drink a glass of Sprite to slow it down, but the waves keep coming, and you just wait for it to pass. You crawl onto the couch with your eyes close just waiting for it to end.

Isn't that how suffering goes? It's like waves of this uneasy feeling that will leave you with a pit in your stomach for days, weeks, months and even years.  It's unexpected. Sometimes it's a wave that is slow and other times it feels like the waves are pounding. Seldom you can barely stay on shore and other times you're swept right into the water. It sneaks up on you, knocks the wind out of you, and you're left trying to figure out how to stand again. It can intensify and become intolerable. Somedays it's dark and other days it's bright. Suffering is complicated, messy and beautiful. Suffering doesn't define us, but our attitude through suffering shapes us. 

Why would I bring up suffering today? This past weekend, I've had the privilege and opportunity to talk with some of my great friends, and they are suffering. Life is hard. One wave crashes, just in time for another to form and I am reminded as I watch their seasons of life, that our attitude is everything. Suffering is messy and some days it's plain awful, but other days, it's beautiful to see how they walk through it. Some moments they have more grace and pose than others, but they certainly celebrate life despite their hardships. Their attitudes are remarkable, and the patience they demonstrate is something I could write a book on. Sometimes I wonder if they're human? 

I certainly am not exhibiting that kind of patience when it comes to running or suffering. Tomorrow, I go to the sports doctor, and I can't wait to see her. I hope we can have answers, a game plan, and a treatment plan because I feel like I might not make it. Once a runner, always a runner.

As you go throughout this week, let us be aware that we never know what someone is going through. Sometimes people don't let us see the full picture, so mercy, grace and kindness are things we can give freely. I know I will work towards bringing more joy and kindness this week wherever I go. I hope you will too because this world can use it. We never know the real suffering behind the mask people put on their face. 



Karen Seal said...

Your analogy is a good way to look at it!! Praying your doctors appt went well and you got some answers! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks, Karen! I'm sure you can totally relate to the feeling of nausea. I just loved your shower :)