Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Shake It Off

Well, you've made it to the middle of the week! Things are looking great! 

This morning, I would like to publicly and openly address an email I received from a reader. I welcome criticism, and I'm open to an honest conversation about life. However, I don't hide behind my blog or emails. When you open yourself up on a public forum, you welcome these kinds of conversations. I received an email from a reader who felt that my last post regarding suffering did not warrant the opportunity for me to discuss my own sufferings. I have decided to address that email openly.

First, we can't quantify suffering over another person's suffering. My suffering isn't more important that another individual. Second, my personal suffering is dealing with the fact that I have had to endure physical pain in my knee and leg without answers, beyond my limitations as a runner and human. While I'm waiting for these results, I'm losing a love for something dear to my heart that I've been doing for ten years. It would be like dating someone 10 years to find out they never wanted to have children. You would feel devastated if you always dreamed of a family. That's what it feels like to be without running for almost three months. Runners are always dreaming of races, goals, PRS and new runner friends to meet. While I respect you, and I welcome your email, suffering cannot be quantified. Thank you for giving me your personal perspective and I hope you can respect mine.

Second, let's talk about my visit to the Sports Medicine doctor who was AWESOME! I had my appointment with Dr. Kern's office yesterday, and I was incredibly grateful for the how much time the staff took with me. I am blown away at the level of care they give their patients. They spent 1.5 hours with me, which is hard to come by these days. I finally felt heard, and while I don't have a diagnosis, we have a course of action. For starters, they took three different blood panel draws because as of this point, my knee checks out fine regarding injuries. One of the blood draws had to be free of light after it was taken. I've never had that before. {Insert Weird}

I am free and clear of a meniscus tear or ACL issues. However, they were moving my foot around, and my knee popped several times, which is not something you want. I should not be having the pain I'm incurring in my knee based on no injury. They also discovered my right leg is just a tad longer than my left. She was looking to see if something was not adjusted correctly in my back, shoulder, spine or hip. Additionally, they are concerned about the discoloring in my leg.

The game plan & concerns:
Blood work- Wait for results
Doppler Ultrasound on my right leg to look at blood flow 
Monitor Cardio Vascular System for a possible condition (Lupus, Reynaud's Disease or Autoimmune)
Physical Therapy for Knee and Plantar Fasciitis. 
Possible Shots for the PF after exhaustion of PT

Dr. Kern is fantastic and is on top of this for a Sports Doctor. I say that with the utmost respect.  She said none of this is textbook, but she is willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is okay and to figure this medical stuff to the best of her capability, which I appreciate. She could just push me off to another doctor and say sports medicine is her specialty, not all this other weird stuff, but she is putting forth a lot of effort and for that, I'm grateful. If all checks out well, she will have a plan B as physical therapy happens to see if all the pain is connected. For now, we will wait and see how the test results come out because we have nothing else to go off of. 

Honestly, as my friend Taylor Swift says, "Just Shake it Off" and that's how I feel right now. Even though I have a zillion appointments over the next week, I'm shaking it off because I feel like we're going somewhere now. We have a starting point and soon, we will have an ending point. I can't wait to start PT. Thursday, I have a consultation appointment, and I can't wait for them to hurt me. Let's get back to running! I have a FLYING Pigs HALF Marathon to start mapping out a training schedule and also a charity bike ride that I would like to get raising money for once I'm cleared, but for now, I'm focused on healing. Until then, I'm shaking it off and feel like I've got the world in my hands because someone knows what they're doing! YAHOO! 

Have you ever been to a physician where they took the extra time? Or have you had a bad experience? What happened? 



Two Runners Travel said...

Wow, what an incredible clinician you have found! So glad for you. I'm on the hunt for a new ortho who may have a little more compassion and interest in my own injury. Hoping that you are able to get some more concrete answers soon. Not knowing can be really tough! -C

Sarah said...

I'm sorry, Christine! It's so frustrating! Honestly, I called several running stores in the area and she was recommended as the best. She is at the finish line of all the big races that I've ran in our area without knowing it, so I decided to just give it a try. Maybe call your running stores and see if they have recommendations. I got tired of being shoved around by doctors.. I'm hoping you find someone!! Keep me posted..