Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Housekeeping

Good morning! Happy Friday! The weather is still freezing here, and I  would love for it to warm up. We have been spoiled here in Michigan with a mild winter, but now we are starting to experience snow storms. The weather is rather frustrating to me because I love to be outside.

Thankfully, I have been working on a massive purge since the weather has been terrible. I can't wait to see how many items we haven't used in a year. It will be nice to have space again. There are just some items that are so precious that we will never part with, but there is just some clutter that is just taking up space.  My running clothes continue to be too big. I think I am going to have my running shirts made into a quilted blanket. Have any of you done this? 

These are way too BIG! 
Also, my X-rays came back clear as expected, so I am off to PT. I have received several recommendations from friends. I called one of our local running stores that I trust, and they gave me two suggestions. I spoke with both of the Physical Therapists to find out their course of treatment and both spoke of no more running until my PF & knees are healed. URK! I'm hoping these injuries do not mess with my Spring half- marathon. I'm super excited to run the Flying Pigs Half- Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm looking forward to it, and I have a training plan set in motion, so let's hope we can get this PT in control and move forward. Injuries are the PITS. We will wait and see though because there is the concern of some stress fractures. SIGH.  

This is one of my favorite tee-shirts! 

How do you handle setbacks with injuries? I don't even want to look at anything running related. I feel running depressed! I welcome advice and thoughts! 

I hope Y'all have a great Friday! Next week we will talk about something kind of big over here in the Storm household. Until then, have a great weekend! 



Two Runners Travel said...

Being in PT is not fun, but like you, I am trying to stay positive and focus on some other things. I have a good stack of books and plan to finish a couple needlepoint projects that are nearly complete.

Sarah said...

Staying positive will get us through.. I love staying distracted with other things. I would love to see one of your finished needle points!