Monday, December 7, 2015

Star From Afar Giveaway

Are you looking for a game that will involve your whole family in the  true meaning of Christmas? Maybe you've done the "Elf on the Shelf" or "Hide the Olaf", but something is still missing when trying to present the true meaning of Christmas to your children. I've found a perfect solution for you, plus you can get your whole family involved every day and yes, they will get to hide something too!


To Start:
Begin by reading "The Christmas Star From Afar" story to your children, which has beautiful artwork filled with colorful images. As a family, set up the nativity scene explaining who each person is and why they are important. You may need to revisit the story of the who everyone is in the nativity for the first couple of days, but once they get hiding the Star, they will know. 

Place the three Wiseman as far away as possible from the Nativity scene. Each day as the Star is found, move the Wiseman directly next to it. If you've hidden the Star in a Christmas tree or an area that does not have a flat surface, put them on the nearest shelf where they can stand facing the Star. Continue doing this every day until Christmas Eve. 

On Christmas Eve, put the Star on top of the Nativity stable above baby Jesus. On Christmas morning, your children will know exactly where the Star is and the most IMPORTANT thing for them to take away from this whole experience is the birth of Christ. You can use this teaching moment to celebrate. Some people make a cake the night before and on Christmas morning eat a birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. I know you all have creative ideas, so I can't wait to hear them! 

How Does this game work? 
“The Christmas Star From Afar” encourages children to go on a hunt looking for the Star, which is similar to that of the Wise Men looking for the star of a Savior.  The Star is hidden by YOU and your children have fun in a hide-and-seek game to find it. One thing that is important is for your children to know, is that YOU are hiding the Star.  You could hide it in the Christmas tree, in their bedroom, under their pillow, in their shoes, etc. Don't worry, you'll get going and find tons of creative places. Once they find the Star, they move all three Wise Men to next to the Star or near it.


Throughout the Advent season, as your kids begin to find the Star, one thing that I love about this material is the opportunity each day to share a new Bible verse with them. As you hide the Star, you attach a Bible Verse each day. You could also attach a shorten Bible story.  Another way to incorporate the teaching of scripture is to have your children memorize the verse throughout the day and when they learn it, they earn a small token. You could also reinforce the meaning of Bible passages by creating a craft, such as an ornament for the tree, finding a gift that goes with your Star to teach a specific lesson that you're trying to teach your children. You'll get creative. The point is that you hide the Star every day with a Bible verse and you'll get creative in how to reinforce what their learning. Also, make sure those Wiseman are right next or near to the Star!  

For more ideas, visit here.

Check out this YouTube video

The Best Part: 

1) "A Star From Afar" is a beautiful quality wooden Nativity set made out of Pine Plywood that is durable, hands-on,involving the entire family in a yearly tradition to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Natalie's book is filled with stunning color that will invoke creativity and spark children to remember our Saviors birth. Your children will find joy as they look for the Star, learn scripture and find the true meaning of Christmas.



This is a going to be a fast giveaway because Natalie and I want you to be able to still use this. So, my contest will end 12PM STANDARD time on Wednesday afternoon. Anyone in the United States may enter. Normally I do rafflecoopters, but I am doing something different... 

You have 5 opportunities to get your name in this DRAWING!!! 

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Your name will be entered in the drawing if you do all of these entries or one of these things. My husband will draw one name from a hat. A Star from Afar is valued at $34.99 plus shipping. 

Have Fun and Merry Christmas from A Star From Afar

I was not compensated for a positive review, but given a "Star from Afar" kit for review purposes only. 


AtWinellLife said...

Love your blog, and this Christmas Advent post is so great! I had not heard of The Star from Afar before and I am glad you included me in your tags! We would love to have this wonderful set at home to share all through the Christmas season the true meaning of the season and to help our kids understand the story. I scoured The Star from Afar's website & Facebook and couldn't find what they are releasing in 2016 :( Love what they've done already and how they are reaching into the schools though! Thanks for the tag, this is a great product.

Susan P said...

This is so cool. I have never gotten into the "elf" thing or others because of us trying to focus on the reason for the season. This is a fabulous idea for that!

Sarah said...

Christina, thanks for stopping by and it was super hard to find.. I'll give a hint.. They are coming out with more animals for this set. I'll throw you in for two entries for looking. Thanks for finding my Facebook page :) Good luck!

Sarah said...

I'm with you Sue! Never been a fan of the other ones.. I love this one. It gives the real meaning to the Christmas season.. Good luck :)

KelseyJ said...

I want to win because it's such a great way to anticipate the coming of Jesus and slow down during the craziness of the Christmas season! I think there might be a camel or a donkey coming in 2016! :) Thanks for the review!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Kelsey, I got you in the drawin. I love the meaning behind it too. Thanks for following :)