Thursday, December 3, 2015


It has been no secret that my legs and feet hurt. I refuse to go back to the doctor. I think they are a big joke. I've got the run around about my long enduring Plantar Fasciitis and honestly, I'm tired of spending money for no solutions. The pain doesn't go away.  I stretch daily. I wear these boot things at night. I have custom orthotics that fit two pairs of shoes. I've been to physical therapy. The whole medical route hasn't given me a lot of faith in doctors. I've done the online running methods and suggestions, but nothing is working.  I've back off my running mileage, which has been hard, but I continue to wake up with pain, run with pain and live with pain. 

This got me wondering how many people walk around with deep pain in their heart? Does the Christmas season bring out more pain? Do you go to the self-help section looking for answers? Maybe you look for that book that will fix your broken heart, the dysfunctional family, a past mistake or regret. Maybe the pain of your heart is so easily overwhelmed you don't go there, so instead, it's easy to overcompensate with something else, but eventually it makes you feel even worse. Running to a friend with your problems looks really great, but after talking with them, you're more broken then when you began. This world is a messed up placed to live. It was never meant to be our final home. 

When the pain gets unbearable, whether your heart or feet, there is a Physician. He doesn't just heal one, but ALL. He heals hearts and writes redeemed on them. The Great Physician takes our shame, guilt, burdens, mistakes and offers new life. He takes the old self and offers new life. 

He says chosen where others say forgotten.
He says loved where other say unloveable.
He says healed where other say sick.
He says new where others say old.

"In His love and mercy, He redeemed them."
Isaiah 63:8:9

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