Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015- A Year in Review

 As I reflect on the year 2015, I had set out on some personal, spiritual, financial, work, personal and fitness goals that I wanted to obtain. When I look back on my post from January, I can see I blew most of those goals out of the water. I knew that 2015 was going to be a year of change, new opportunities, and a lot of growth. It has been a good year, a hard year, but one I wouldn't change. 


As I reflect back on running goals, I wanted to enjoy running again, and I certainly did with a bunch of unexpected races. The one I enjoyed the most was the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon. I'm glad running, and I have grown to love each other again, and I've learned to take breaks when I need them to keep my love for running alive. 

The HARDEST run for me in 2015 was The RiverBank Run. That race beat me up. I was on par to PR big time and my body starting losing everything in it physically and mentally(for that matter), but that didn't stop me. I fought the entire 15.5 miles for that finish line. 

This year my husband I explored a lot of new food efforts and I even moved to a gluten free diet. It's safe to say that I have given a lot of sweets up, sugar and the what I used to eat, but my stomach feels a better and that's what really counts. You don't realize what it's like to eat real foods until you do it and I didn't realize how much Gluten was slowing my brain processes. I say I was having "brain fog" and experiencing so many other symptoms. I still have to be careful. 

I didn't complete my book list for the year. Pick up your jaw! It's shocking I know, but I read a lot of other great books. Anne Franks Diary, The Mitford Series, Walt Disney's Biography and Mary Poppins Collections are still on my list. I'm glad I get another year at these. Here are my top 10 books for 2015. The first five books are Nonfiction and the last five are fiction. I highly recommend you check them out. I could have a list of my top fifty books, but I wanted to limit them. I've read a lot of great books this year! 

1) Christmas Jars : Jason F. Wright 
2) Just Show Up : Kara Tippetts & Jill Buteyn
3) Anything : Jennie Allen 
4) UnDaunted : Christine Caine 
5) The Best Yes :Lysa Terkeurst 
6) One More Wish : Robin Jones Gunn
7) Another Way Home : Deborah Raney
8) For Such a Time : Kate Breslin 
9) Chasing Sunsets :Karen Kingsbury 
10) Secrets She Kept :Cathy Gohlke 

This year we agreed to work on paying off my car and continuing to pay more student loans. We no longer have my car payment! We paid it off early by a year and a half! WOOT! We just now have student loans, and they continue to kill us, but we are paying on them and putting extra where we can.  I'm thankful for that. Right now the only debt we have is student loans. We'll knock that off and then jump into a mortgage. Fun. 

{Personal Growth}

Resigning from my job was one of the most bravest and unexpected things I did this year. I am proud of myself for taking such a large leap of faith. I knew I needed a change and some time to figure out things. This change has been incredibly difficult on me and (our family), but we are hopeful for what the future holds, and I know it was the right choice.  It has led me to many great opportunities, and I am thankful for each of them.


 I have also started writing a book, which has always been a dream of mine. It has been sitting in my head for three years and finally, I started putting my thoughts to a word document. We will leave it at that right now. 

My Best friends minus Katrina

This year, I spent a lot of time with friends from out of state and those who are near. It was a great year of spending time with my friends. I have also been intentional about calling them weekly, sending cards and making sure they know they are loved. My friends are a big part of my life and this past year I have been so blessed to be able to be apart of their lives in a big way.
Camp Cop is the best! She has a sweet spot!
Montana and I can discuss books forever

I made a trip to Tennessee to see one of our friends, was blessed to help plan an end of treatment party, help a friend get engaged, ran a 10k unexpectedly with a friend to surprise her, volunteered with Summer Stroll for Epilepsy, camping with our small group friends, shopping and mall dates with my favorite camp cop and endless texts blowing up my phone....I've been on some awesome adventures with friends, and I'm super excited to see how 2016 strengthens our friendships.
These two are just the best.

Camping with our Small Group Friends

My favorite selfie of 2015 was the one with my Grandma.  She will be missed dearly. Reality has set in and as I work through all the stages of grief, I am no longer in denial. It was real last night when we said our final goodbyes. 

Marriage has been an adventure this year. We have been married for five years. I've always said for our five year anniversary I dreamed of going to Hawaii. Most people say that you won't vacation the older you get, and I can see why couples stop making that a priority. This year we made a lot of smaller trips. We went up to a ski resort, a cottage, a B&B and my husband traveled a lot for work this year. Our communication has changed in five years, and for marriages to continue to grow, you have to put work in it. This has been our best season of marriage yet. 

Our communication has changed in five years, and for marriages to continue to grow, you have to put work in it. This has been our best season of marriage yet and I can't wait to watch how we continue to grow closer together. Marriage isn't easy and ours hasn't been easy, but I wouldn't trade it. 

In 2015, we had a lot of ups and downs, many great things and some things that have been left unresolved, which I can't say right now, but I'm sure we'll be able to tell you in 2016.
 Do you have any races planned in the books? We do!!!! 

Stay tuned for upcoming future plans in another post where we share some up coming events in our lives! What was your favorite moment of 2015?

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