Friday, November 13, 2015

When Pigs Fly!

Happy Friday! The weather is starting to get cold here. SNAP! Ugh, not a fan of cold weather at all! I made a bucket list of races I wanted to run. We all do that right? Don't you have races that you dream about running? If you don't have a bucket list, I totally encourage you to make one! Anyhoo... One on my list is the FLYING PIGS in Cincinnati, Ohio! I kinda have an obsession with pigs.. I think they are adorable.. Can you tell? 

So, at the Detroit Free Press race, the hubby and I signed up to run it in 2016! Happy Early Birthday to me!! It's over my birthday weekend in May and I couldn't be more thrilled to run it!!! 

People have been telling me the enternainment is awesome. The course is beautiful and I will just enjoy myself. Personally, I cannot wait for this race.. Is it May yet? I love the idea of "Flying Pigs." My heart is so happy...

The beautiful part about signing up for a spring race, means training all stinking winter. This will hold me accountable, which I look forward to and will allow me to keep my running on track. 

What races do you have planned for the spring?  Checking any off the bucket list? 


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