Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Two Book Reviews in 1

I have a great line up of two books that have been released that would make great Christmas gifts for the perfect reader in your family! Don't miss out on these titles! 

The first title is called  Angel in Aisle 3- 

25111033In the tradition of An Invisible Thread and Same Kind of Different as Me,Angel in Aisle 3 is the heartwarming true story of an unlikely friendship that began with a chance meeting in a grocery store between a bank executive bound for prison and an elderly stranger.

When Kevin West resigned from his job as vice president of a bank in 1998 after making fraudulent loans, he spent the time before his trial managing a family-owned, small grocery store in Ironton, Ohio. Dealing with serious marriage problems and with a prison sentence almost certainly in his future, Kevin was overcome with remorse and without a scrap of hope. It was at his lowest moment that Kevin called out to a power beyond himself for help, and God answered his prayer in the form of an elderly vagrant in a soiled shirt and tattered pants named Don.

When Don saw Kevin’s open Bible on the counter next to the register, the untidy, long-haired indigent took the opportunity to share Bible wisdom and life-giving truths that changed Kevin’s life. Finding a sense of peace in their conversation, Kevin offered Don a few basic groceries and an invitation to continue their conversation the next day. What began as a chance meeting between two individuals whose lives seemed headed for certain ruin, turns into an unlikely bond of friendship that saved them both.

My Review:
This book is beautiful. I have never read a book quite like this. Can you imagine going from being the vice president of a bank to then sitting in prison? This was the life Kevin was leading. Don, living on the streets showed up to his corner store asking "Are you getting anything good out of that book?" Don was referring to the Bible on Kevin's counter. Of course, Kevin replied "it's all good." This began the beginning of many conversations. Kevin gave Don groceries and sent him on his way. Don and him continued to have many more conversations where he instilled biblical wisdom and helped Kevin through very difficult moments including when Kevin was facing difficult circumstances like losing everything including their house. Don showed up, prayed with Kevin and continued to encourage him. This relationship continued, which eventually led Kevin to becoming the "Teacher." If you want to know what this means, you'll need to read the book.  

This is one of those books you can't put down because it is so good. From start to finish I was glued. I loved this book and I highly recommend it. It will definitely make you think that their is a higher purpose for your life. 

The Second book that I have to tell you about is called Sky Lantern! Don't miss this title either!
Matt Mikalatos offers a poignant and compassionate look at a father’s relationship with his children, the healing power of a small act of kindness, and the certainty that even death can’t stop love in a deeply moving memoir inspired by a sky lantern with a scribbled note and the journey to find the child who wrote it.

Love you, Daddy. Miss you so much. Steph.

Steph scribbled those words on a sky lantern before sending it off to her father in heaven who had passed away from cancer. Halfway across the country, Steph’s lantern landed in Matt Mikalatos’s yard.

As a father of three daughters, Matt could not let Steph’s note go unanswered, so he posted an open letter to her on his blog. Matt never could have expected the viral response to his letter that led him on a journey to find Steph—and to bring healing to thousands of others in desperate need of the loving words of a father.

My Review:
One morning Matt found a broken lantern that said "Love you, Dad. Miss you so much. Steph." Matt thought about this beautiful and yet simplistic message. He wondered about how he should handle the situation, but felt he should write back to "Steph", so he wrote a beautiful letter telling her very kind words, the kind of person her dad thought she was and how much he loved her back. He didn't know where she was, so he put the letter on the internet, which caused it to go viral. He started receiving messages. Eventually, it led its way to "Steph." Eventually, the two meet in person and she talks to Matt about how the letter changed her life. The lantern led to a beautiful friendship between Matt and Steph. This book is a great reminder that we can show great love with small gestures. Don't miss out on this beautiful book. It will remind you about what it means to be human and the beauty of the human spirit! 

Thank you to Howard Press for allowing me to review both of these amazing books. I was not compensated for a positive review. I give both of these books 5 star reviews. 

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