Monday, November 23, 2015

The Muscle of Faithfulness


In our culture, staying committed to something is like a bad crash diet. We sign up for something and can usually commit to it for about two months before we see signs of slow regression, wavering moments of diverting from the plan, slowly going back to our old habits or finally bagging the idea all together before we end up in the exact same situation we were before. Maybe it's working on your marriage, trying to lose weight, a financial plan, sticking and training to a race plan, saying "yes" and following through, or walking through a difficult road with someone. I'm not sure what area causes you to struggle to walk out and complete faithfulness in your life...  

{Do I have experience in this area?}

 Of course, I've had some major commitment issues.

{ I am human too}

However, over several years, several races, many good friendships, bad friendships, moments of deep sorrow/ pain, and heartfelt joy, faithfulness is no longer a fad diet for me. 

{It is something that requires much muscle}

Our season of life has been one of deep anguish, the kind that you wish for no one to ever go through.

{This season of life, is the kind that you're on your knees for everything and even sometimes you can barely mustard that}

 It's okay if you don't believe in God. It's hard to believe in something you can't see. I totally understand. Maybe you've had a bad experience with a person like me, I've had them too or maybe I've turned you away, I apologize. It's never been my intention and I apologize for people who represent my faith who been a mis-representation, we aren't perfect. I've never claimed it. I'm trying to be just honest here. My husband and I, have been on a road that has been hard. It's tested everything in me. It's been long, very long, too long and I wonder when we can breathe? I feel like we start drowning, we come up for air and then we are back down again.

{This season has required deep faith that surpasses all understanding}

Someday's I'll be sitting in my head (like you can literally sit there in your head) and tears stream down my face. Words are not needed. Other times I can't express my feelings and I get frustrated. I wonder is this not even the beginning of the battle. Is there more? Is this thing about to get harder? Am I ready for more? Do you have days jump at you more than you can handle? This happens to me. All of a sudden the days jump at me faster than they need to.  

{Faithfulness only requires me and you to take it a moment at a time, day by day}

Maybe you're trying to eat healthier for health purposes. You might find yourself fighting to train harder for a race to improve your time or maybe  trying to stick to a budget so you don't over spend for Christmas. Whatever thing you're trying to stay firm on to be faithful, don't give up. The fight isn't over until you finish strong. 

{Faithfulness is small acts that lead to the large habits of staying firm until you've developed the muscle}

Some days I don't feel like exercising the discipline muscle of faithfulness. I want to cheat. It's like having a Gluten Free Diet. The moment I cheat or eat something that isn't Gluten Free, I pay for it in the gut. It requires much discipline and the small habits of staying consistent in gluten free eating pay off in the long run, otherwise my stomach hates me.  Running is the same way for my body. Epilepsy medication really screws me up, so I need to exercise faithfulness in staying active even when I don't want to do so. 

In my season of HARD, I am trying to be faithful. I understand when it seems like you're drowning and you're barely breathing.

 {Stay firm in the things that keep you grounded

It's been my experience that the small things lead to developing  daily large muscle of faithfulness.

 Whether you're training for a race my friends, reading books, seeing friends and family or going through a hard season, don't give in the temptation of our culture for the "fad diet", but stick it in for the long haul because it is worth the reward. 

What is your hard? Your long road season that causes your faithfulness to waver? You don't have to answer to question. You can simply grunt in the comment section. I love to know I'm not alone here. 

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