Friday, November 27, 2015

Skip the lines, I want tradition

 I'm a huge believer in celebrating Thanksgiving with your family, friends or whomever you deem family. Family does not need to be blood, it's the people who you call "your people", the people you do life with through the good and bad. Thanksgiving is a special day that comes only once a year. It should be with the people that you care about. Thanksgiving is about a tradition that started a long time ago with a bunch of people who were crazy enough to believe in something. 

The nonsense of shopping on Thanksgiving Day really is a bunch of craziness to me. When I think of the history behind Thanksgiving and why we celebrate, I think our society has gone off kilter. Since when did the Pilgrims go shopping on Thanksgiving night? Oh, wait they didn't.  They were grateful to discover the New World on the Mayflower and be accompanied by the Native Americans. The Pilgrims first celebrated their first Thanksgiving in the New World in 1621. The original intention behind the day of Thanksgiving was for it to be a day of "Thanksgiving and prayer" ,which our American culture has managed to turn into a profit.

When we teach our children the history of Thanksgiving, I'm betting none of us mention the HYPE of the Thanksgiving day bargains.  Am I wrong? Somehow I think we've got this all backwards. Sales associates, managers and employees leave their children, parents, grandparents, etc for the almighty corporate dollar of supply and demand. Americans engage in this behavior. We don't refuse to participate in the corporate lie that more is better. We buy the lie that we are saving money by leaving our families to go wait in lines for a "good deal." You save money when you don't spend it. You save time when you're with your family. Skip the lines, don't shop on Thanksgiving.Do a favor for those who have to work Thanksgiving and stay HOME! No item is worth leaving your family to purchase and if they are, I would ask you to consider why you're buying a gift. 

As we start to enter the season of Advent, skip the malls, lines and remember what Christmas means to you and your family. Is it about presents, long lines and frustration? Or do you have amazing traditions that you look forward to celebrating at Christmas? When you look back 20 years, will you remember the gifts someone bought you or the traditions you created, the time you spent with your loved ones and the memories you made?

What new traditions are you looking to start this year with your family? Are you a Thanksgiving Day shopper? 

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