Thursday, November 5, 2015

Runners World Magazine: What to do with those old magazines?

Welp, it's Thursday! Can you believe it's November 5th! We've been having wonderful weather here in Michigan. It has been 70 degrees and I'm not complaining. Last year at this time, we had plenty of snow and I was miserable. The weather has been perfect for runs. It feels good to sweat.

So, how many of us have magazine subscriptions? {raises hand} I know with the digital age many people receive their magazines through their e-readers or ipads. However, I love mail, so I prefer the good old magazine subscription. Plus, I like it in my hands so i can highlight and save pages that I like. With that in mind, I have collected several issues of Runner's World Magazine. When I'm talking several issues, I'm talking YEARS! 

I have been thinking about what I should do with these issues. Should I give them to new runners? I have given a few issues out over the past few years, but not enough. However, the other part of me can't seem to part with these magazines. Is that weird? What should I do with my old Runner's World Magazines? Is it okay to keep them? Would you keep them? I love looking through them, especially the front cover outfits.. There are some good ones that crack me. It's interesting to see how Runner's World has changed over the years. I love reading the old magazines from my earlier days running till now. I remember thinking I would never run a half marathon or even a full. I use to breeze past those articles and now.. What a difference. I used to dream about running 5ks and 10ks.. How life changes... It's great to go down memory lane with my old magazines.  My husband and I have been purging a lot of stuff lately.. These magazines still have awesome practical advice, but you can find it on the internet.... What do you do??

Question: What do you do with your old magazines? 


Karen Seal said...

I just faced this dilemma, actually! In the end, I went through the magazines and pulled out interesting articles or recipes I thought I'd use in the future. I gave some of the magazines to a new runner friend of mine and I tossed the rest.

Sarah said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has had to face this dilemma.. Did you stick the articles in a binder? I thought about doing that. It pains me to get rid of them, yet they are taking up such valuable space... Eek!