Monday, November 2, 2015


Happy November! Congratulations to all those who ran the NYC Marathon this  weekend! It looked like an amazing race. I loved following each and every single one of your journeys via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and through the tracker. Congratulations!  For the rest of us, I hope you had a great weekend celebrating Halloween, running or spending time with your family! 

This morning I want to introduce you to the reason I run.. We all have our reasons for running and when I started running it was to lose weight. However, my running journey took a different track when over five years ago I started having seizures. At first the doctors were certain it was a heart condition, but it wasn't.. 

I run now for Epilepsy. 
I run for people who can't. 
I run for those who have Seizures. 
I run for PURPLE.
I run to finish.
I run to prove this body is STRONG! 

While I am on medication and it has allowed me to live without seizures, it does come at a cost. As a runner these medications are life saving, but they effect my breathing,  muscle weakness, loss of balance/ coordination, feeling tired, insomnia, trouble concentrating, lack of appetite, discouragement and bruising. 

As a runner, races are difficult enough and then I get whacked with a  triple dose of stuff because of the medications, so races take longer to recover and one marathon was enough to take my body out for a while. I'm not out for good from full marathons, just for a while. 

I'm sticking to half marathons, 25ks (15.5miles) and shorter distances because it's what is best for my body. It doesn't make me any less of a runner. Every race you will see some kind of purple on my person. Whether it's on my shirt, socks a ribbon or a hat.. 

This girl will always rock purple and be #purplestrong for those who fight, those who have lost their battle and those who continue to fight. Until this country recognizes us in races or has races to support brain research, I will still use my voice to spread the world! 

Question: What do you run for? 


Debbie @ Deb Runs said...

Good for you for not letting your condition stop you from running. Here's to purple power!

Sarah said...

This body is amazing and has the capacity to overcome anything, it also will let you know when you've pushed too hard. I'm thankful to be able to run and do what I love.

Raina said...

Well done! You are an inspiration, running despite the medications.
I run for CDH babies. My friend organized a race and I try to help her with getting the word out. :)

Sarah said...

Raina, that is awesome! I love it when people run for something. CDH babies need advocacy. I'll check out the link :)

Chaitali said...

Thank you so much for sharing about your journey and difficulties. That is wonderful that you push through and don't let it stop you from running.

Sarah said...

Running = life. The day I have to stop because someone says I can't will be a sad day.