Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How are you running your race?

It's Tuesday and chilly here!! Brrr... I'm not ready for this change. It's like life. Life has changed a lot in the past six months. Some changes have been great, others have been down right devastating. The devestating moments have made me cling to my faith more. Someday this world will fade away. 

I was looking at my race medals the other day thinking someday when I pass, no one will care about my times, the races I ran or the medals I earned, they will put them in a box and give them to goodwill. Isn't that what our life sums up to? A box of treasured junk? I decided with the changes of my life, I couldn't just be a collector of things. Our life can't be all about accumulating "stuff" because it doesn't travel with us. My husband often says I have "piles" that I need to pick up. I am a "piler" and it has gotten better with time, but where does all this stuff come from? I don't want stuff! The average person around the globe lives on less than a $1 a day. If they are content and happy, so can I. 



The problem is we are all trying to run each other's races. We look to the left and we look to the right because we look to see what the other runners are running  rather than looking at our own race! What is their distance? PR? Ect. In other terms, how big of a home do you have? What kind of a car? Facebook is real life, right? 

I'm not collecting a bunch of "junk" along  lives way and I'm tired of hearing about others races, it's time to keep my eyes fixed on my own race. At the end of my life, nothing goes with me. So, with that said, I will totally cheerlead you on in your race of life, but I'm not playing the comparison game about which problem is bigger, how much money you have, or what kind of car your drive. I will encourage the snot out of your race! Go big or go home ya'll! I will give my time, talents and possessions to help you run your race! 

In the end, only my race matters. In the end, only your race matters to you. 

How will you choose to run your race? Will you choose it to uplift others? Will you encourage them to do it well or will you put them down? How will you use your talents and possessions to help others run their race well? 

You only get one race!

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