Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Garden City by John Comer

Popular pastor and speaker John Mark Comer gives a fresh take on Christian calling and purpose, with a surprisingly counter-culture response. Through his creative and conversational style, he challenges the typical "spiritual" answer of the church, reshaping how young professionals should view and do their work, rest, and life.
Comer probes questions like "Does God care where I work?", "Does he have a clear direction for me? and "What about what I do with my free time or how much rest I get?" While many of the books in this category are written to professionals aged forty and up, Garden City is written in language that makes sense and is accessible to younger Christians who are still very much engaging with these questions.
This is the Purpose Driven Life for the next generation-the book that will help twenty- and thirty-somethings who are figuring out next steps and direction in their lives to understand and embrace what it means to be truly human.

My take:
Pastor John Comer speaks to every single human being in "Garden City." This book is relatable to everyone. This may sound weird, but I found this book to understand the depths of who I am as a person and I felt like it was relational. It's not often that I find books which speak to my heart. 
"If you could do anything, what would you do?" –Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human by John Mark Comer
This book isn't for those who are looking to get ahead of the rat race is life or trying to live the dream career in making the big bucks. Instead "Garden City" is about working, resting, defining calling, resting some more, defining greatness and living a full life as we were intended to do so. This book allows you to take a look at your current life place, employment, the people in your life, the place you find yourself in and ask the difficult questions; Do I need to make a change? Do I need to rest? What is greatness in my life? 
"Why am I here and what should I do about it?" –Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human by John Mark Comer
Beyond the content of this book, I love the style of writing. The author does a fantastic job of inviting the reader into the book, breaking this book into sections and it's written into a conversational style, which makes this book feel relational. I love really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read because I couldn't put it down. 
Thank you to Zondervan for allowing me to review this book. 

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