Monday, November 16, 2015

Dear younger runner

Dear younger runner self,

Shoes really matter. Go spend the extra money and get a really good pair. I know you're in college right now and money is super tight, but your're feet will thank you. All those miles on the pavement will eventually add up and we need those feet for life. You'll thank me for spending the extra $50 bucks.

 I heard you don't stretch before and after runs. So, your muscles are like rubber bands and if we don't stretch those things, they will snap eventually or become a tangled mess. Let's get those muscles nice and stretched before and after. I know this is another budget thing, but ask your parents for a hardcore foam roller for Christmas this year. You'll love it. It will help get all the knots out of your muscles and you'll thank yourself later. 

I hear in the dining room they have all kind of ice cream, cookies, burgers, fries and your favorite chicken fingers! I'm not opposed to you eating this kind of food at all, but it's not good for your body daily. How about we limit that and eat more nutritious food that will give you lots of energy? I know it seems hard right now, but I promise you eating an apple and a salad will make you feel so much better. Throw some chicken on it and it will be delicious. We can eat some healthy pasta too for your carbs, but let's cut back out the sugar and the high concentrated deep fried food. Nutrition matter, Sarah. Make it a priority. 

I know the gym is really intimating, especially because the guys that lift in there are huge, but let's be honest, they don't know you and it won't matter, so grab those weights and go girl. You have your own goals, throw on the Ipod, jam it up and LIFT! You could be bigger then them if you wanted..

Someday you'll wish you could sleep more than you have been lately. Your body will be running on empty. Sleep is so important to your runs. Get all the sleep you can get!  

Mistakes are apart of the running journey. Like the socks you just bought.. Sorry, but those give blisters. Maybe try something different. Always be teachable when it comes to this sport. In order to become a better runner, faster and run more efficiently, be TEACHABLE. 

If you're stuck, you'll get better at running. Don't give up. Keep going. I'm proud of you for having the courage to begin. Never forget the reasons why you started running. Others may be better, faster, stronger and run longer, but stay focused on your goals, the reasons you run and you'll always enjoy running.

Hugs, Sarah



Two Runners Travel said...

Such a great post! I definitely could have used this advice when I was younger and a runner, especially the teachable moment part. -C

Debbie @ Deb Runs said...

Such a fun idea! There are so many things I'd tell my younger running self! :-)