Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why the disappearance?

The past two weeks have proved themselves to be crazy. I feel disconnected from my roots and my blogging network. I hate that feeling.
 So, what have I been doing? 
Why have been my blog posts been going to a minimum? 

1. I've been doing a lot of blogging stuff behind the scenes that has not manifested into actual posts. 
                    {Sometimes that means the fruits of behind the scenes, comes later}

2. I've been an anxious wreck for this half marathon on Saturday. I am running the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon!  Normally, you wouldn't find me with this kind of anxiety, but it feels [Paralyzing] and this is not my typically response to running. I completed my taper. My body feels healthy, but I can't get my head mentally to let the anxiety go. I know for the next couple of days, I need full rest in all areas, but I just have a lot of anxiety. 

3.I've been spending some time and money giving my wardrobe a bit of a re-haul.

My wardrobe has needed a serious overall and while I still have a long ways to go, we are slightly slowly getting there with cute pieces. It has been a challenge to find clothes that I LOVE, that are cute and made for the cooler weather. I've really struggled between the challenge of comfortable, yet chic. I am rather fussy when it comes to clothing. I am not one that will wear sweaters or any type of clothing that will make me feel uncomfortable in any way. It's just not my personality. I want to be able to wear work clothes at home too. You know what I mean? 

4. In the past two weeks, I have spent more time with that pig mug, my journal and my computer than you can even guess. 

While I haven't been writing a ton here, I have been writing a lot somewhere else. I have had more cups of coffee, warm drinks and hot beverages that I can remember. My head can NOT tolerate the caffeine headaches ANYMORE, so I am slowly backing away from the caffeine. I can tell the CAFFEINE it is contributing to my mood swings. {Please don't admit that to my husband}

5. Finally, I entered gluten back into my diet. Pick up your jaw! I know, I know!! 

Gluten Free has been a huge fad diet, however, many of the foods have more sugar and our less healthier for you. You really have to watch it and know your stuff. I have read a lot of stuff from knowledgeable doctors in the industry who recommend if you believe that you truly have a gluten sensitivity, add it back into your diet and watch to see if your symptoms flare up after being gluten free for a while.  When adding it back in, do they flare up? Now, originally I thought this was a really DUMB idea, but then I got this craving for JETS pizza. Sorry if you don't have this chain in your area, but it is some great pizza. However, they don't have Gluten Free {GF} pizza, so I thought what the heck? I went for it. I went all IN!! SO, DUMB!!!   

Within hours, the fatigue, yucky bodily functions, brain fog, abdominal pain and just the feeling of awful began. It has wrecked havoc on my body since. I probably should just go to the doctor and get tested, but they usually ask you to go back on Gluten for a while, so it's in your system. I don't really want to do that! I will tell you since being off Gluten for almost a week, I can tell my system is slowing getting back to its new NORM, but it still does not feel the same. Don't go off {GF} for some pizza even if it sounds good in the moment.. DUMB IDEA!!!  

Sorry for my disappearance over the past two weeks!  

Q: Are you gluten free? Do you have race anxiety? How do you calm your nerves? Are you a JETS pizza fan? 

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