Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Running Solo Solutions

Many runners join groups when training for races, some run with a buddy, others train solo. If I'm not running with my husband, I run solo. Whether on a treadmill or outside, I prefer to hit the pavement alone. Running is a solo sport for me, but the question then becomes how do you get better? Faster? How do you push yourself?

It can be comfortable to fall into the same pace, routine and even route, week after week. In order to set goals of losing weight, burning extra calories, getting faster and changing my body up, I've been stuck in a running rut running solo, so here are some of my solutions.. 

Change Routine:
-Pick a new course for your long runs.
-Look for more hill work
-Find a place that has interesting people that can distract you.
-Hit the treadmill once or twice a week.
-Make a day weekly for speed workouts.

Find an accountability Partner: 
-Check in with a friend via text after each run.
-Join a running social group through the internet.
-Talk with other runners in a group in your area at your local running store.
-Run to a friends house for coffee and breakfast for a long run and have them drive you home.

Set Goals:
Set Goals other than PR goals. (I have a PR goal for each race category)
Formulate a weight loss goal for the week.
Make speed workout goals and drills part of your weekly training schedule.
Create healthy eating plans. I've fallen the wagon a bit and paid so badly :(

Make you Number One! 

Solo runs are about you, your schedule, your pace and your body. If you're recovering from an injury, this is the best place to take care of YOU and not over do it! As a person who just can not get rid of a nagging injury, I won't let it sideline me, but I have to make me the number one priority and really listen to my body. This prevents me from over doing it and it keeps me moving forward, which is all I really want to do.

Q: Do you prefer to run solo or in a group? Do you run social? Are you part of online groups?  

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Debbie @ Deb Runs said...

You've got some great tips here for making it through your runs solo. I trained for my first marathon alone, but then made some running friends and started training with them. Running is very social for me, and now I run with two different running groups - one has 50 runners and the other has about 765 runners!

Sarah said...

That is awesome!! I love that running is so social for you. When did it become easier?? Was it when you found people that ran your pace or people that challenged you?? Tell me more..,

Debbie @ Deb Runs said...

I'm pretty good at pushing myself, but last year I started running with a few younger ladies who were definitely faster than me. I really kicked my training up a notch so I could run with them. It didn't necessarily get easier, but I got a lot faster! :-)

Sarah said...

As a solo runner, maybe I will join a group.. Eek!!! The thought makes me nervous. I can hold my own and push myself, I just don't want to be left disappointed by other people who aren't all in.. You may have me convinced..