Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Look Who Turn's Thirty Today!!!

It's hard for me to imagine that I've known and loved this handsome guy for thirteen years now! Where does the time go? We were just kids when we met and now to be celebrating a milestone birthday is unimaginable. I can't wrap my head around where the time goes.  

I can only imagine what I will say in ten or twenty years from now as we mark other huge mile stones in our life together. I wonder what I will say then. Life is so cool that way. 

Today this big guy turns thirty! Goodbye twenties! Remember those years of college all nighters and cramming for exams? Remember when we didn't have to worry about eating junk food?  Or how we could stay up super late and still having energy for the next morning without needing a three hour nap? Those days seem like years ago..

Yep, we can feel that we're definitely slowing down just a little bit. To be honest, I'm glad you're turning 30 first! I get to watch the best go first and then I get to go next. Thanks, hon! I love it when you take one for the team. I wouldn't want to grow old beside anyone else. Besides, I'm greying first!! How did that happen?? Somehow you're still looking way younger. You handsome thing, you!  

So as you take a step into your thirties, this is my Birthday wish for you: 
I pray that you continue to always love God first, that this next chapter of our marriage would allow us an expansion on our family, that we would continue to live simply, serve more, find a furry friend or one that's pink, take way more pictures, visit the chins of America, laugh a lot and play way more monopoly! 

You have blessed my life in so many ways and I can't imagine this life without you!Thanks for being my partner in crime! 

Happy 30th Birthday, Drew!! 

Q: How do you celebrate birthdays?? Any special traditions? 


Andrew Storm said...

Thanks Love! It's exciting to see what's ahead. As for birthday traditions, you can't beat the strawberry shortcake free desert bowl at Uccello's!

Unknown said...

That is delicious!