Monday, October 12, 2015

Healthy Trim Mama CookBook

"Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook" is a beautiful cookbook that will help you eat up, but slim down in the process. If you're trying to lose those extra 25 pounds, Pearl  & Serene have the perfect recipes for you! This book is filled with how to make delicious pizza's, mouth watering omelets, crock pot dinners, scrumptious tea, smoothies and so much more! 
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Not only is it filled with beautiful pictures and wonderful recipes, these ladies share their heart and stories behind the recipes, which makes it that more special. They also have guides on if the recipe is for single serve, Family serve or multi-serve, which is just awesome.

 This book is filled with guides, stunning pictures, ingredient lists, step by step directions for the more cooking challenged like myself and they give online health tools. They give tips on how to freeze certain meals, how to help folks with allergies and just all around good healthy eating. I love this book and will definitely adapt many of these recipes to fit our GF lifestyle.

Thank you to Harmony Books for allowing me to review this I cannot wait to try these recipes and share them with you all. 

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