Thursday, October 29, 2015

Healthy Holiday Habits Start Now!

A month from today, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? You know what that means, healthy eating habits start now. I know around the Holidays, eating gets out of control, my discipline goes out the window and I'm much more likely to throw my routines to the wind. I'm already seeing it now. I'm also seeing the numbers on the scale increase slightly. 

Starting today, why not kick into some healthy habits before the holidays to help! They say it takes twenty one days to make a habit and ninety days to create change. So, lets start new habits and by Christmas you'll have some awesome change!! Doesn't that sound awesome? I'm in this with you! 

Habit #1 
Pass the veggies please! 
Maybe you eat vegetables on a regular basis, but why not kick it up a notch and try some new vegetables into your palate? Maybe pull a new recipe from a cookbook or ask you friends how they get their three servings of vegetables in a day? Ask for their recipes or invite them over for dinner? 

Habit #2 
Say NO!
Is your office crawling with cakes, cookies, candies and sweets galore? Just say "no." The first few times it will be difficult, but soon you won't crave the sweets anymore and then you will be able to walk by the candy dish or the sweets feeling  victorious. Instead, if you're craving something sweet make sure you pack Greek Yogurt ahead of time with a half cup of blue berries. Sometimes I'll throw in strawberries or banana's. Find a fruit that you love and usually I find that will distract me. If I absolutely need something sweet, I will throw a piece of gum in my mouth and that will do it. 
Remember we are trying to create healthy habits for the holidays, I'm not throwing out treats completely. Knowing Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner makes me know SUGAR is near. With all the Halloween candy, I have already struggled and I need to get back to some structure, so I can enjoy Christmas cookies and pies, but also have the discipline to say "NO" when it becomes mindless and too much..  I hope this makes sense. As a person who has struggled with weight, I am trying to be mindful about what I put in my mouth, yet enjoy it.

Habit #3 
Stay Motivated
I know as the weather changes, especially here in Michigan, it's tempting to put off that run or exercise for the next day, but do SOMETHING. Get out there and exercise even if it's 15 minutes. Once you're outside or at the gym, you'll feel better and find yourself exercising longer. If you're struggling to find motivation, look for a spring race and register for it. Pick a goal that will get you out the door and get you moving. It's so dark here at night. I've been struggling with this, but once I get out the door, I feel a ton better. I personally registered for a SPRING race. I needed the ACCOUNTABILITY. 

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Habit #4
Are you catching enough sleep?
Are you catching enough sleep? Or too much sleep? Most Americans don't get enough sleep or quality sleep because we are interrupted by our phones, ipads or tvs. Turn off the devices and increase the sleep time. Sleep reduces stress, increases your bodies ability to fight ward off infections, colds and any other crummy things that come after it. The Holidays always take a toll on our physical and emotional health. Maybe it's a family member or the stress of physically going somewhere. Get the rest now, so your body can be ready to endure the Holidays and also to be well enough to run. I need more sleep. I either sleep not enough or way to much. I need to get on a better sleep schedule. Mine is thrown off. Get the recommended 6-8 hours. 

Habit #5
Drink H20
Are you drinking enough H2o? I naturally drink lots of water, but in the winter I find myself drawn to more caffeine beverages like coffee because I'm always cold. As soon as August comes, I start drinking coffee and I usually give it up by January for the rest of the year. It's a social beverage of choice and it keeps me warm. Some people drink wine, soda, beer, etc.  However, after experimenting with some huge GI issues during some long runs, I found out I was dehydrated. I had not been drinking enough water before, during and after. Thanks COFFEE addiction!  I thought I was fine, but I wasn't. The amount of water every person needs is different dependent on their height, weight, age, medication, exercise regmine, etc.  Personally, I need to drink more water, so I am going with the whole divide your body weight in half and that = fluid oz of water to drink daily. It's a lot, but I'm starting slowly. 
With that said, talk to your physician about the best approach for your body. 

Habit #6
Grab your planner right now and schedule 1 hour this week for yourself. I don't care where it is in your planner, go do it. When are you going to spend time taking care of yourself? This isn't exercise time, this is time where you unwind, read a book, introduce yourself back to an old hobby, meet a friend for coffee or whatever will energize you for the following week.. Then, I want you to look ahead for the month of November and do that for the entire month. Holidays get stressful. Schedule a pedicure, manicure, or go see that movie you've been wanting to see. Put it on the calendar, MAKE it happen! 

Q: Any habits you recommend or do to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas to hold yourself accountable to your running goals or ward of the holiday pounds? 


Chaitali said...

Timely tips! I definitely struggle with the time from Halloween to Christmas because we always have a ton of food in the office at this time. I try to avoid walking past the food area in the hopes that out of sight will stay out of mind :)

Sarah said...

Good idea. Just avoid it completely!! It's so hard.. I love sweets..