Thursday, October 22, 2015

GIVEAWAY: Color Me Calm Zen Coloring Book

Do you ever need a moment to stop and just relax? Take a deep breath and become mindful. Our lives have become so busy with each passing day that we forget how to just be. I am begining the art of just being. Our obligations of family, work, stress, distractions and crazy demands of life leave us burned out, stressed and completely distant from the present moment. 

I have the privledge of giving away one lucky reader this National Bestseller Zen Coloring Book filled with 100 coloring templates for relaxations. It is filled with Mandalas, Water Scenes, Geometric Patters, Wooded Scenes, Flora and beautiful Natural patters. You can use pencil or crayons to this book.

This is the perfect way to step back from a stressful day, turn on some music and discover your inner child as you release the stresses from the day.

These are so fun! I love them and I know tons of other adults who are coloring all the time! It is a blast! You have a change to win one! 
Enter below!!! 
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Melanie Eccles said...

I just put one of these coloring books on my wish list yesterday. I would love it!

Sarah said...

They are super fun and relaxing! I have a different one to giveaway in a couple of weeks! Good luck! Keep coming back for further giveaways!

Susan P said...

Best coloring book ever!!! :) I need more color pencils.

Sarah said...

Completely agree!!

Heather said...

I'm so intrigued by these coloring books. I saw so many different ones (a table full of them) during my recent trip to the bookstore. I think it would be something that I would really enjoy! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

Sarah said...

Heather, these are so fun! You'll love them. Very relaxing and enjoyable! Good luck :)