Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Detroit Free Press Expo and International Tips

Imagine being part of the 38th annual Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank Marathon events! Full of rich history, I highly recommend you participate in the Detroit Free Press events at some point in your running future if you haven't already. 

My experience at the expo was awesome. It was held at the Cobo Conference and Exhibition Center, which is an excellent place to buy any last minute running gear, purchase that one of a kind shirt or simply register for another race. {GUILTY}

Of course this is also the place where you pick up your packet, get the runners nerves and start to take lots of crazy, fun runner pictures. Let's talk about race packet pick-ups because this is a huge MUST KNOW for the particular race I ran for the #DetroitFreepress.

First, when I was looking to run the Detroit Free Press, I assumed, the Marathon is the race that you got you into Canada. WRONG. 
The Marathon does not get you near or into Canada! 

Second, if you want to run into Canada, which I highly recommend because the race is a blast, which I will tell you the reasons why in a blog post coming later this week, you have to run the INTERNATIONAL HALF MARATHON. Now, the reason I say this is because the Detroit Free Press does have a US only HALF MARATHON. 3 Races, but only one gets you into CANADA.

The Expo: Why is that so important for the international runner? 

If you are going to run the international race, you must be present to pick up your race packet. You have to present you ID, which can either be you Enhanced Drivers Licensed or a Passport. They will not let you pick up your packet without this and they will no let you pick up someone else's packet.


This may sound simple, but it isn't and many people easily forget their passport, try to pick someone else's packet up. It's things we try to do for one another like any other race without thinking.. So, just wanted to give that information in case you were thinking about this one and I think after you see all my pictures in a feature blog post, you'll see why this made as one of my favorite races! 

Race Tips for Crossing the U.S./Canadian Border:

1) Bib needs to be affixed to the front of your shirt because border officers are looking for it.
2) Your Bib should be visible at all times when crossing the Bridge or coming through the tunnel.
3) Carry the proper identification with you during the race such as an enhanced drivers license, passport, etc. I also carried a credit card and my insurance card for any medical emergencies.
4) Runners are discouraged from bringing liquid with them through the Ambassador Bridge or Windsor Tunnel. You risk being stopped by border patrol and or asked to remove the item.
5) Runners are prohibited from carrying backpacks through the bridge and tunnel. If something even resembles a backpack, you will be stopped by a border patrol personnel. 

These people were serious business, but a lot of fun! They were trying to keep runners safe, but going into this kind of race, it is important to know this information. I would rather capture my race on my next post, then post all this information, but I think it is EXTREMELY important to know this! 

We got a very long sheet in our packet information. I picked the most important things that I wanted to know and figured you would too! 

This expo was super fun. The photo stops were a blast, huge vendors every where willing to give out prizes. We walked away with tons of goodies,  discounts to other races, cow-bells, stickers, shirts, magnets, hats, sunglasses etc. I was highly impressed with the amount of different organizations represented, but underwhelmed by the amount of merchandise to purchase. While they had a lot of suppliers, I did not buy a single thing! NOT ONE! Instead, I purchased another race registration! I'm super excited to tell you about that race next week!  

Q: What do you think about think about the international tips? Would you consider this race? 

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