Friday, October 9, 2015

Celebrate the Accomplishments

Happy Friday! 

Where did the week go? I'll tell you! We were busy celebrating my husbands birthday, he's been working late every single night and then I've been trying to stay caught up in the mundane things of life! It's crazy how the week goes by so fast. I've been trying to get to my blog, it just hasn't happened. I apologize.

I wanted to catch you up on an amazing run from last week Saturday! I was pretty excited to blog about this all week and then I started feeling rather down because almost a whole week has gone by and I didn't get to celebrate my accomplishment with you. I decided, I would celebrate anyways regardless of the fact it was last week Saturday. 

Every accomplishment is worth celebrating!  

I was so thrilled to see this sign in someone's yard! Heck yes! Please go Gold all year long for Childhood Cancer! Sometimes it's the things like this that can make a runners day! It made mine..

Back to the run. I finally conquered an 11 mile run, which was a huge feat! Normally, training for a half marathon has some challenges, but I have been faces gut challenges left and right. If you asked me to run six miles, I used to be able to do that with no problem, but not the past two months. I had been running into problems left and right. We had been trying to get this thing fixed! It was one wall after another. Another sweet victory when I landed this 11 mile run and was feeling strong, minor to no gut issues! 

The issues I faced instead was a dead phone! The things that normally worked, were not! Crazy how the things that never give me trouble all the sudden started acting up.. Either way, I will count my 11 miles as a victory and know that I can go into the Detroit Half Marathon with my head held high. I know I did everything I could to train for this thing. My body was fighting me the whole way. I didn't push my limits, I listened to my body and when it was giving me trouble, I attempted to solve the problem multiple times.
Our bodies are amazing things. They have the ability to heal themselves with the proper tools. Crazy. I will be soon going through the international gateway and into CANADA! 

Thanks for being supportive, loving on my Instagram and cheering me on via Facebook as this has been the hardest race to train for.. You get one thing figured out with your body and then something else happens. 

I celebrated last Saturday with a nap and this week I bought a new running shirt for my race! It's purple. Go figure.

Q: What is the craziest thing that you've had to figure out about your body during training for a race or the weirdest medical thing?? How do celebrate running accomplishments? 

Enjoy your weekend! 

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