Thursday, September 10, 2015

Let's Talk- Jen Hatmaker

 So, I have read "Seven" and "Interrupted" by Jen Hatmaker. I have watched her on HGTV during her home makeover and have also watched her during both "IF" Gatherings. I find Jen incredibly loud, big and full of JUICE! The girl goes big or she goes home. She's from TEXAS ya'll and she doesn't mess. I'm just saying! She's completely witty, lives out her beliefs, is honest and is down right on top of current events. Ps. She doesn't have a problem telling you how she feels... So get over that REAL fast! Get the picture? She ain't some sweet southern thing, although she really wants to be, but it just doesn't fit her style. However, that isn't a bad thing because everyone can use a little bit of Jen Hatmaker in their life. With that said, she just released "For the Love" and Jen is known for that phrase. She often says " Oh, For the Love." 
In "For the Love: Fight for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards", Jen uses her usual wit, convictions and faith in short essays about her life as a Jesus follower, mother, pastors wife and friend. I was super excited about this book because I loved "Seven" as it messed up my life. "Interrupted" gave me more background knowledge on "Seven" and "For the Love" well, I just was geeked to get my hands on it.
However, this book wasn't my cup of tea. Not gonna even lie. She had me laughing, but there was a whole lot of nothing that I couldn't relate with.. Maybe I am in the minority here, but NOT a fan on this one! Not a lot of depth.. Felt like I was swimming in the shallow end of the pool looking for the deep end if you know what I mean... 
So, I will  tell you what I loved about this book..  I enjoyed her chapters on marriage and Christian culture, which I found to be authentic. I love it when authors are  honest about their lives and their experiences, which makes you respect them for putting themselves out there. I loved how she talked about after several years of marriage she realized she was going to let her husband be him and she was going to be herself. She wasn't going to try to make him to be like her. How often are we always trying to rob our husbands or wives of their gifts so they can be just like us? I found that to be so freeing when she just said to stop it and let your spouse be them and you be you.. Sounds simple, yet we go around trying to change them.. 
The pitfalls of this book were that I didn't connect to this book because Jen targets a certain audience, which she knows how to do and does it well, but I found it off-putting. She targets a specific category of women who enjoy Cabernet, have a refined palate and are middle class with children. Jen's gifting comes in when she is able to just be real with this audience; crack jokes, which gets to the heart of the issue about whatever message she is trying to convey. I appreciate her gifting in reaching this target group of women.
Overall, not my favorite book by Jen, but you definitely should give it a read as I found some take ways. I hope to see more depth  writing in the future like we saw her first book "Seven."  If you haven't read "Seven", I highly recommend it! 


KB said...

Doesn't sound like my cup of tea but I enjoyed your review.

Sarah said...

Ya never know? Everyone has a different taste. I loved her first book "Seven." Thanks for stopping by!