Friday, September 25, 2015

Hello, Trader Joe's

Finally, the mitten is catching up with the West and South coast! 
We finally have a Trader Joe's. Many northern folks don't have a clue about this delicious food! It's organic, healthy, reasonably priced, great seasonale items and they have GLUTEN FREE delicious goodies as well! 
Welcome to Grand Rapids, Trader Joe's!!
Notice I was in the bakery aisle? For opening day, it was crowded, but it was just like a normal Saturday at the grocery store, so I wasn't that stressed out.. 
It did start to get crowded as I was leaving because the lunch crew was coming in. Watch out as this store will be busy for the next couple of weeks!

 I only waited in line for 10 minutes, which was nothing compared to when I got there.. Yikes!!
My experience overall was great! They have a variety of food selection, great prices and choices! I do want to see more gluten free items, but I was happy with everything I bought. I wish it was a bit closer with cooler items like meat, but I'll survive.
I give Trader Joe's a thumbs up!! It was a great trip!
Do you notice any theme to my purchases?? 

Happy Friday!!

Q: Have  you ever gone to a store on opening day?? Do you have a Trader Joe's??


Two Runners Travel said...

We had a TJ's open here a couple years ago and while I don't do my weekly shopping there, I go about once a month and pick up items that I love. Their prices are great, especially on cheese and they have some awesome pumpkin items which you clearly took advantage of!

Sarah said...

I wish it wasn't so far away from us.. It's a good 25 minutes... If it was closer, I would go there more frequent!