Tuesday, September 15, 2015

15 Confessions for this 15th day of September

On this September 15, 2015, I have 15 recent confessions about life..

I am absolutely dreading colder weather. I love being warm and the idea of another winter in the mitten puts me on edge.

Confession: I tend to have this OCD tendency when it comes to bathrooms and yeah, I just don't enjoy other people's bathrooms... It's a thing..

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Confession: I drink way to much raspberry sweet tea. It's addicting and I can drink the whole bottle in one sitting if I really wanted to, but I have to hold myself back from all the sugar. 

Confession: I love the show Girl Meets World. I downloaded the sound track and I start dancing like a crazy person when the shows main them song starts.. I know, whateve.

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Confession: I'm addicted to Young Living Oils! It's true. They are saving my hormones, my water and my stomach. 

Confession: I thought people who were gluten free were crazy(not literally, just weird) and didn't enjoy food, until.. I started getting sick from food and realized that Gluten and Dairy were contributing to my personal stomach issues. I was suffering from a wheat stomach.. When I eat junk, it makes me feel like a bloated cow the next day. Did I mention it stinks and other things happen too, but I'll spare you the details.  I'm glad I can be GF with all you cool kids now!  This is one of my favorite GF books!
Confession: I miss Disney World. Why are we trying to do the adult thing and save again? I want to go on some fun trips and race around the world of fun again... sigh... 

Confession: I feel like I am the real living Dory. She is my favorite Disney character and I relate a lot to her. My husband says if my head wasn't glued on, we'd be in trouble. It's true, I forget things so much. Does it get better with age? This is hanging on the wall in my bathroom!

Confession: Do you have a favorite type of shampoo? Are you partial to one type or do you like many different kinds? One of my new favorite brands is Not Your Mother's. I love how this shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel, especially after a long run. This stuff is free from all those harsh chemicals and will make your hair feel lighter. I love it! I highly recommend this brand! 

Confession: I love pumpkin everything. Yes, I am a pumpkin a-cholic! I will try all things pumpkin!  I love the instant Pumpkin Spice Latte mix from Starbucks! It's like having your own Latte immediately bright and early in the morning. I also love the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice scent from Bath and Body Works. It just helps me get into the fall spirit. 

Confession: I thing pigs are so cute! I want a pig of my own. Yes, that's right! I want to own my very own little tea-cup pig someday. I think they are darling little things. I don't know when the fascination with pigs began, but it did and I just love them. I collect pigs, but cute ones, not UGLY ones. Some are just downright SCARY! You won't see me with a scary pig!! Nope, nope, nope! 

Confession: I have big faith for a project that I am working on and I hope you will have big faith for me too... 

Confession: When you go to the grocery store do you immediately look at the magazines? Are you easily persuaded at the check out line? I know I am glutton for magazines! I adore them! Please tell me I am not alone in my love for buying magazines and reading them. I have a huge stack and my husband likes to tease me about them. As the holiday seasons approach, my stack will get larger and larger.. I love it!  Do you like magazines??? 

Confession: I'm a total addict when it comes to Big Brother season 17 and I want Johnny Mac to take it for the win! If you haven't watched, I highly recommend.. It is an amazing social experiment. 
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Confession: I have a huge love for kids. I'm sure you're not shocked there. I love everyone's kids! Kids are so great! Their smiles are the window to heaven on earth. 

Question: What are your confessions? 

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