Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Your Blueprint for Life

Your Blueprint for Life gives the strategies readers need to align their passions, gifts, and calling.
As CEO of the Blueprint for Life ministry, Michael Kendrick is devoted to helping others discover God's purpose for their lives. Your Blueprint for Life guides readers toward a Christ-honoring life-one that brings joy spiritually, financially, relationally, physically, and professionally. With practical guidance for discovering passion, gifts, and callings, Your Blueprint for Life gives readers concrete strategies for achieving the life they were created to lead, such as:
  • Intentionally carve out a specific time each day to hear from God
  • Prune your relational portfolio
  • Step into your children's world
  • Remember you are a steward of God's resources, not an owner of your resources
For anyone who has ever wondered why they were put on earth, Your Blueprint for Life not only answers the question, but it also gives readers a solid guide to understanding and achieving God's vision for their lives.

My Review:

This book is fantastic! If your looking to figure out your gifts, passions and calling on your life, relax sit back with coffee in hand and check out "Your Blueprint for Life." This book is designed to help you figure out exactly what your purpose and calling is. We were each created for something different. I found this book to be very easy to read, but not mind numbing. It is a great tool that will help you discover passions you did not realize were there. I loved how it talked about using your fiances to help guide your life and to use those towards your gifts, callings and to do it in a God honoring way. This book is a great resource for anyone who is looking for their calling and hasn't discovered why they are here yet! Check it out! You wont have wasted your time! 

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