Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Be The Match: For the Love of Lola

  I had the privledge of meeting sweet Lola last year at Starlite Shores and loving on this precious little one! This little girl is amazing and full of life!  She is a super hero who continues to fight CANCER! Won't you pray and read about how you or someone else could save her life or another?

Meet Lola….a sweet 9 year old girl from Grandville who has been fighting leukemia for nearly half of her life.  She was initially diagnosed on valentine’s day, 2011 with B Cell Leukemia.  She completed the standard two years+ of treatment and was declared in complete remission.  Just a few short months after her treatment was completed, her parents were given the devastating news that she had relapsed.  They immediately started treatment for an isolated central nervous system relapse.  This simply means that the leukemia was found in her spinal fluid, but not in her marrow.  She was scheduled to be finished with this high risk treatment, including many difficult spinal taps and brain radiation, for her relapse in November of this year, just before her 10th birthday.

Once again, Lola’s family has been given devastating news.  She has relapsed for the second time, again in her spinal fluid, and a bone marrow transplant may be the only option available to save her life.  Due to a rare genetic marker, Lola’s bone marrow is very hard to match.  The last time her oncologist looked at the registry, there were no suitable matches for Lola.  Her one biological sibling is not a match, and her mother is expecting another baby right now.  Biological siblings have a 25% chance of being a match.  It is unknown at this time if baby is a match to Lola.  In honor of this sweet girl, we are hosting a bone marrow drive.
Lola is so full of life, many people wouldn’t have a clue the battle her body, mind and family have been through the last 4 ½ years.  She is a friendly, happy, outgoing girl who loves Jesus, her family and her friends.

The drive will take place in Grandville, at Harbor Life Church, on July 20, from 4-8pm.  We want as many people aware of this event as possible.  There is a need for bone marrow donors to join the registry.  If by some miracle, someone locally is a match that would be fantastic.  But if not, joining the registry could save another life.  Many people will rely on the generosity of a stranger’s bone marrow to save their life, or the life of their child.  Won’t you be that person?


Karen Seal said...

Sweet Lola! Stuff like this makes me so sad...she's just a child and hasn't even had the opportunity to live her life, but she's inspired so many people at her young age! As much as I love what I do, I know I couldn't work in pediatric oncology...that would just break my heart!

Sarah said...

Karen, we are so thankful for amazing nurses like you everyday!! Thank you for your amazing talents and gifts!! The world is a better place for those who care for others :)