Monday, June 22, 2015

Strolling For Epilepsy

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great Father's Day Weekend celebrating with family and loved ones! I know we had a good time celebrating with my dad!

Saturday, my best friend, Kelsey and I volunteered with the Michigan Epilepsy foundation! 
Did you know 1 in 26 will be diagnosed with a seizure disorder at some point in their life? That statistic is awful and I Believe for the millions of people who are facing a seizure disorder, that we can find a cure.

Kelsey and I had a blast cheering on families, checking them in for the stroll to the zoo, meeting the #purplestrongwarriors and balancing the total amount of money each team raised. It was truly a privilege.

As a #puplestrongwarrior myself since I didn't create a team this year, I thought it would be an excellent way to give back to the community. 
After all the teams went on their stroll through the zoo, individual and team prizes were announced. It was pretty cool and a lot of fun! 

Kelsey and I went to the zoo ourselves and strolled to see some animals. 
I found a penguin friend who wanted a #selfie too! #pengufie We had a great stroll around the zoo seeing monkeys and Tigers! 
It was a great event all in all! I loved it!

What events do you like to volunteer for?


Two Runners Travel said...

I love volunteering at local races and do it several times a year.

Sarah said...

Ya'll are great at volunteering! I love that you support Girls on The Run!

Karen Seal said...

That sounds like so much fun! :) What a great event!

Sarah said...

It's awesome and supports PWE! (People With Epilepsy)

Britt said...

How fun! I love the zoo!! So nice you get to hang out with Kelsey!

Sarah said...

I hope you are feeling good! You're so close, can't wait to see pictures of your little guy!!