Friday, June 26, 2015

Run Disney News: Paris

If you love RunDisney, you'll love this announcement! Yes, they are scheduled to have a Half marathon in Paris in 2016! 

It's official! They were suppose to do it this fall, but the paper work they had to do for an international race was a lot and they couldn't get it all done in time to get everything that was required of them.. It's a lot of work on their end and I'm thankful they pushed it back because you know this race will be AMAZING!

Second, there is going to be a continent to continent challenge or “Castle to Chateau challenge” as they are calling it, which means you will earn a special medal for doing the runDisney race in Paris and one in the United States!(Such as a race at Disneyland or Walt DisneyWorld Marathon Weekend) I want to see the medals!

Third, registration is slated to open October 6, 2015, which is my husband's birthday for the half marathon! This is for the package, which I'm sure many will want! I'm sure registration will fill up fast, so if you're interested, I'd get on board sooner than later! Like, that day! They are providing people with travel accommodations and information to get you to Disneyland, Paris!

Please note, Limited individual registration will begin January 12, 2016. This will come with no opportunities of travel bookings and help from Disney travel partners, but their are so many travel agencies out there that could help!

runDisney has a 5k race, which sounds like a blast taking place in Disney Parks starting and finishing near Disney Village. 

For more information this amazing race weekend, visit

So get your wallets open and be ready to take a trip of a lifetime if you're interested in doing this inguaural event! How many of you would run this race? Are you interested?? Ahh!!!! I think my husband would probably think I've lost it if we spent that much $ to do a race!! 


Karen Seal said...

I so want to do this race! Hopefully one day soon!! :)

Sarah said...

Me 2!!!!! I'm waiting to see how much this adventure is going to cost. I want information on the prices of the races... Sigh..

Sarah said...

I have a feeling it will be way out of my price point and way over our budget, but Disney is all about dreaming right??