Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jennie Allen : Anything

You may be familiar with Jenni Allen as the founder of IF Gathering, which gathers women around the world to give up anything and everything to follow God.

Having done two of her Bible studies, reading Restless and participating in her IF gatherings, her re-launched book "Anything" is better than its first version. She begs and prays, "God I will do anything you have called of me." This prayer we can see has dramatically changed her life and has impacted eternity. In Anything Jennie now includes a Bible Study with projects, conversation cards and is the perfect for a book study.

In my current season of life, this is where I am asking and praying "anything." I'm willing to do whatever you've called me to Lord, show me the way! If you're looking for an adventure and looking to find out what you're called to do, it might be something as simple as helping the neighbor or traveling to Africa, who knows? I highly recommend checking out this book and doing the study! This would be a perfect book for a book club!

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for providing me a complimentary copy for review!

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