Monday, June 29, 2015

DIY Laundry Detergent

Happy Monday!! I hope ya'll got out there and got some great runs in! I can't wait to start training again!! 

This weekend, I made my own laundry detergent and it's quite simple really! It makes your whites so much whiter and you only need two table spoons! This stuff can be used in your HE machine as well because it is low foaming.
I have been wanting to make my own for over a year now and have watched/experimented with borax, but am not a fan of all the chemicals! Additionally, making your own can save you a lot of money! 

*4 lbs of baking Soda
*3lb box of Arm& Hammer
*26 oz of Epsom Salt
*3lbs of Oxi Clean- Look for Fragrant Free
(I checked several stores and we were out, this was the closest I could come with the least amount of chemicals)
*14 oz of Soap- 
I bought 2  5 oz bars of Dr. Bronners unscented Soap. Our store didn't have any more in stock, so I used an additional Kirks Orginal Coco Castile bar to make up the difference!
Or you could use
* 4 bars of Kirks Orginal Coco Castile Soap Fragrance Free

First, you grate all of your soap bars.
I used a cheap cheese grater from the dollar store. You could use a food processor or anything else that would make it into small pieces/ flakes. I put all of this into a large bowl.

Next I mixed the baking soda in. 
I stirred all this together and then added my next ingredient, which was the Arm & Hammer.. 
There was a lot of stirring going for a while because I wanted to get things mixed up really good. 
I then added the OXI clean, which was another huge thing to stir!
I didn't think I would be able to add the Epsom salt into my giant bowl, but it proved me wrong!
I was also able to put my 26 ounces of Epson salt in the bowl as well! Overall, I have a lot of detergent and I used it already! Wow, it makes my whites a lot whiter!
Total on ingredients, I spent $23.55

I'm sure you could find it cheaper, but my two soap bars were pretty expensive and I like that soap. The Kirks 4 pack is how much 1 single bar costs for Dr. Bronners. Look for sales if you want to make this cheaper. I am going to keep track to see how many uses I get out of this reciepe!

You only need two Tablespoons! I'm thinking this will give me around 300 loads if not more!

Q: Do you make your own laundry detergent! Suggestions? Thoughts?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Breaking Free:

Truly Free Breaking the Snares That So Easily Entangle

By Robert Morris

Book Description

An important reminder on what keeps us from being truly free
Jesus said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me" (Matthew 28:18). As believers, we have Christ and never need to be afraid. Yet it's also true that we are not immune to the effects of evil. Christ has conquered sin and death, but in his infinite wisdom-for reasons that are often difficult for us to understand-evil is still permitted to exist. Even if we're saved and trust in Christ, we may still find areas in which we just can't get victory. Maybe it's a sin we've confessed again and again or a constant struggle with depression, anger, or lust. These long-imbedded patterns of shameful living continue to entangle us day after day, month after month, and even year after year.
In Truly Free best-selling author Robert Morris invites us into a glorious truth-that the promise of being set free from the slavery of sin is a promise to be set free completely. Although evil is real and Christians can be oppressed by it, we have the promise that the one who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world (1 John 4:4). Jesus saves us, trains us to resist the power of evil, and delivers us from anything that holds us back. With Jesus, we can be finally free forever

My Review:
Temptation, illness, insecurity, whatever keeps you from freedom, "Truly Free" has warning signs that the will help you to know the difference between if you're opening yourself up to the enemy, how to overcome him, where to find freedom, what a problem is and what are truly trials in your life. This book truly is so helpful. Struggling with some really deep seated insecurity due to illness often leaves you crippling with fear, doubt, shame and wounded feelings. However, this book brings hopes, healing and shows you exactly where you have been mislead wrong in your believe and the only one who can fix those mis-beliefs. I loved this book and HIGHLY recommend it!!! SO, SO GOOD! Robert is so authentic about his own struggles and the journey he was on with God through his own struggles with temptation. A wonderful book and a great addition to any library! I recieved this book for my honest review. This is a reflection of my

Friday, June 26, 2015

Run Disney News: Paris

If you love RunDisney, you'll love this announcement! Yes, they are scheduled to have a Half marathon in Paris in 2016! 

It's official! They were suppose to do it this fall, but the paper work they had to do for an international race was a lot and they couldn't get it all done in time to get everything that was required of them.. It's a lot of work on their end and I'm thankful they pushed it back because you know this race will be AMAZING!

Second, there is going to be a continent to continent challenge or “Castle to Chateau challenge” as they are calling it, which means you will earn a special medal for doing the runDisney race in Paris and one in the United States!(Such as a race at Disneyland or Walt DisneyWorld Marathon Weekend) I want to see the medals!

Third, registration is slated to open October 6, 2015, which is my husband's birthday for the half marathon! This is for the package, which I'm sure many will want! I'm sure registration will fill up fast, so if you're interested, I'd get on board sooner than later! Like, that day! They are providing people with travel accommodations and information to get you to Disneyland, Paris!

Please note, Limited individual registration will begin January 12, 2016. This will come with no opportunities of travel bookings and help from Disney travel partners, but their are so many travel agencies out there that could help!

runDisney has a 5k race, which sounds like a blast taking place in Disney Parks starting and finishing near Disney Village. 

For more information this amazing race weekend, visit

So get your wallets open and be ready to take a trip of a lifetime if you're interested in doing this inguaural event! How many of you would run this race? Are you interested?? Ahh!!!! I think my husband would probably think I've lost it if we spent that much $ to do a race!! 

A Heart's Betrayl

A Heart’s Betrayal (Thomas Nelson, June 2015)
Emmie finds shelter in the arms of a soldier, but her secret could drive them apart.
A Heart’s BetrayalWhen Emmie Croftner answered the door to her late husband’s home, she discovered an awful truth: her deceased husband was a bigamist. And what’s more, the home she thought she inherited never belonged to her at all.
Suddenly displaced, powerless, and ashamed, Emmie can’t stay in Wabash, Indiana. She makes a hopeful start for Fort Laramie, Wyoming, to find her friend Sarah Montgomery and a new beginning. But when she arrives, she discovers she’s pregnant—and without a husband. The new start she’d hoped for slips from her fingers.
But then she meets Isaac Liddle, a handsome soldier with a kind heart. When he begins to court her, Emmie wonders whether she could ever really be his—and whether she dares to tell him she is carrying another man’s baby.
My Review:
A Hearts Betrayal is the fourth book in the Journey of the Heart Collection by Colleen Coble. Emmie Croftner finds out her husband is deceased and the home she thought was hers, is not. This leads her to be displaced, without anywhere to live and she must leave Indiana.  She joins the Rand and Sarah from the previous books in this series in Fort Laramie, where she hopes for a new start. She begins to develop a courtship with Issac Liddle, but soon she becomes sick. This leads her to finding out a secret she isn't sure she wants to reveal to him or anyone else. 
This was not my favorite book out of this series and it I did not like the flow of it as compared to the other books. I am curious to see how Colleen will tie this series up in the final two books.  

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Colleen Coble has written several romantic suspense novels including "Tidewater Inn," "Rosemary Cottage," and the Mercy Falls, Lonestar, and Rock Harbor series.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Friend in Me

A Friend in Me
A Friend in Me (David C. Cook, June 2015)
Young women long for relational connection with women further ahead of them on the journey. Yet, without realizing it, many of us tend to distance ourselves from those in younger generations.
Can we really have close relationships with women who have different thoughts on church, different experiences with family, and different ways of talking about God? Where do we start?
In A Friend in Me, Pam Lau shows you how to be a safe place for the younger women in your life. She offers five patterns women need to internalize and practice for initiating relationships and talking about issues such as faith, forgiveness, sexuality, and vocation. Most significantly, she reminds you that there doesn’t need to be a divide between generations of women. Together, we can have a global impact—and experience a deeper faith than we’ve ever known.
My review:
Pamela's intentions for this book is help connect younger women, those in their twenties and thirties and to older women to help foster mentor relationship through difficult life challenges. I can appreciate the approach and wisdom this book has to offer "In a Friend in Me."  However, there were many things about this book that disappointed me and I did not agree with. I was disappointed with the approach in chapter two where I felt that the author was manipulative in a situation where she borderline made someone open up to her who may have felt uncomfortable (pg 44). However, the person did open up and maybe that was the push the individual needed, but it seemed manipulative to say " If you can't tell me the truth, we can't be close friends."  On the next page she goes on to say our tone can make or break a conversation, which is an interesting juxtapose. 
Aside from this, I found most of her book to give advice on suffering, how to comfort one another, encourage each other, have a deep understanding of each other, how building relationships can take time, compassion and is often difficult along with financial understanding. The book was more about giving knowledge and advice, which I found to be helpful as a twenty something.  Overall, this book has some great conversations and discussion pieces between young women and older women who want to foster deeper relationships. I think it has a lot of sound advice and could be beneficial for someone who is looking for a mentor relationship. 
Thank you to David C. Cook for providing me this review copy. I was not compensated for a positive review.  

Running + Plantar Fasciitis

We are already SMACK dab in the middle of the week! It's crazy! I hope you're having a good week and a great day so far!

So, running! I love to run in the summer and that has not been happening. I was put on running restriction by my Physical Therapist, but the Plantar Faciitis was not getting any better. Stretching, icing and massaging and anything else, my feet still are so sore. I've tried it ALL! 

I was sent off to get custom orthotics for my feet! That seems so weird! Then I get to wear these lovely or not so lovely boots at night. 
These things hurt too!! On both feet.. You can't possibly sleep with them on! I want my sleep back. 

My orthotics should be here July 9!!! This makes me super thrilled?? Why?? Because my husband and I are going international for a half marathon! 

That reminds me, must go update the passport!! Well, even though I I have a super bad case of PF and I have to wear boots/ orthotics, I'm still not giving up on running. Since I can't run a lot, I'm walking and soon will be adding the Jeff Galloway method back into my workouts to bring back my pace and running groove.

Q: Where is the coolest place you have traveled internationally? If you haven't traveled international, where in the U.S.? 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Strolling For Epilepsy

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great Father's Day Weekend celebrating with family and loved ones! I know we had a good time celebrating with my dad!

Saturday, my best friend, Kelsey and I volunteered with the Michigan Epilepsy foundation! 
Did you know 1 in 26 will be diagnosed with a seizure disorder at some point in their life? That statistic is awful and I Believe for the millions of people who are facing a seizure disorder, that we can find a cure.

Kelsey and I had a blast cheering on families, checking them in for the stroll to the zoo, meeting the #purplestrongwarriors and balancing the total amount of money each team raised. It was truly a privilege.

As a #puplestrongwarrior myself since I didn't create a team this year, I thought it would be an excellent way to give back to the community. 
After all the teams went on their stroll through the zoo, individual and team prizes were announced. It was pretty cool and a lot of fun! 

Kelsey and I went to the zoo ourselves and strolled to see some animals. 
I found a penguin friend who wanted a #selfie too! #pengufie We had a great stroll around the zoo seeing monkeys and Tigers! 
It was a great event all in all! I loved it!

What events do you like to volunteer for?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Two Roads Home

Two Roads Home
Two Roads Home (Abingdon Press, June 2015)
What if it’s too late for dreams to come true?
Minor-but-nagging setbacks continue to sour Grant and Audrey Whitman’s initiation into the world of innkeeping, but larger challenges brew when an innocent flirtation leads to big trouble for the Whitmans’ son-in-law, Jesse. Jesse Pennington’s friendly, outgoing personality has always served him well, especially in a career that has earned him and his wife Corinne a very comfortable lifestyle. But Corinne and Jesse are both restless—and for similar reasons, if only they could share those with each other. Instead, too many business trips and trumped-up charges of harassment from a disgruntled coworker threaten their marriage and possibly put their three precious daughters at risk.
With their life in disarray, God is tugging at their hearts to pursue other dreams. Can Corinne and Jesse pick up the pieces of what was once a wonderful life before it all crumbles beneath them?
My Review:
The second book in the Chicory Inn series is sure to leave you turning the pages. Accusations on Jesse leave a marriage sitting in the balance as his wife is checking his phone to see if she actually believes him. In the meantime, Jesse is ready to leave his career for a change of lifestyle and pace, but will his wife be ready to be able to share the same vision? Will their girls be able to survive this change of life, not to mention the marriage drama? The only way to know, is to read this great book! 
I have read the first book in this series, but this book can be read as a stand alone.  Great beach read! Can be read in one day from start to finish. You won't put this book down! 
About the Author:

Deborah RaneyDeborah Raney’s books have won numerous awards, including the RITA, National Readers Choice Award, HOLT Medallion, and the Carol Award, and have twice been Christy Award finalists. She and her husband, Ken, recently traded small-town life in Kansas—the setting of many of Deborah’s novels—for life in the (relatively) big city of Wichita, where they enjoy gardening, antiquing, movies, and traveling to visit four children and a growing brood of grandchildren who all live much too far away. Visit Deborah on the web at

Monday, June 15, 2015

Remembering Grandma

Happy Monday and Happy Summer!!!

I haven't been blogging for a really long time and I really miss it. I miss all of you! How have you been? I can't wait to catch up with most of you and read about your lives, all the fun things you're doing this summer, the adventures you're having and the runs you're taking!  

This past weekend, we spent the weekend remembering my grandma Storm, who passed away one year ago on Saturday. I can't believe it has been one year already.

Do you ever miss someone and just wish you could have a conversation with them?
That's how I feel about her. I wish I could just pick up the phone and have a conversation with her about some really difficult life stuff that we have been going through. Life isn't easy and I never pretend like it easy, but she was great to get advice from if you needed it. 
She was also an avid reader, sewer, quilter and beautiful crafter. Since her passing we continue to find various projects she left behind. Our family gathered this weekend to celebrate her memory. It was fun to see everyone and spend time with each other. 

What did you do this weekend?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jennie Allen : Anything

You may be familiar with Jenni Allen as the founder of IF Gathering, which gathers women around the world to give up anything and everything to follow God.

Having done two of her Bible studies, reading Restless and participating in her IF gatherings, her re-launched book "Anything" is better than its first version. She begs and prays, "God I will do anything you have called of me." This prayer we can see has dramatically changed her life and has impacted eternity. In Anything Jennie now includes a Bible Study with projects, conversation cards and is the perfect for a book study.

In my current season of life, this is where I am asking and praying "anything." I'm willing to do whatever you've called me to Lord, show me the way! If you're looking for an adventure and looking to find out what you're called to do, it might be something as simple as helping the neighbor or traveling to Africa, who knows? I highly recommend checking out this book and doing the study! This would be a perfect book for a book club!

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for providing me a complimentary copy for review!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

State Capital + No Running

Where to begin? Life has been insanity!!! I have 6 more days left of school and then I can return to normal blogging. Today, I had the opportunity to go on a field trip with some third graders to Lansing, Michigan. We visited the state capital and the museum.
It was a blast to get out of the building and see the world!
The kids loved it as well! It was great for them to learn about how laws are made and what happens for laws to become passed.
Aside from visiting the capital, I have been busy resting and NO RUNNING!!
I have an appointment with a podiatrist in two weeks and I have been ordered to PT, ice, stretch and no running!

It's been super hard not to run, but the PT cannot get my plantar fasciitis in check. Sigh.... It's so beautiful out tooooo!!! Ugh!!! 
I just want to run!!!! I hope you're enjoying great runs and I will keep walking!

Love to all my blogging friends! ❤️😘