Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Riverbank Running 15.5 miles

I have been dreading to write this post for awhile. This race I had been training for since January and I had been making huge gains on speed. If you follow me on Instagram, you know i've been killing my time on the treadmill.

Riverbank this year was supposed to get me a PR, but well, as we know with many races it always doesn't work out quite that way.

I arrived to the race and already it was raining, which is the norm for anyone who runs Riverbank, so I knew it could be a potential challenge. This is the largest 25k in the country and most people can't fathom a race that's 15.5 miles, but that what we do in the mitten.
When I say this was the worse race of my  life, I MEAN it. I was going to PR the thing until after mile 4 and that's when it took a turn for the worse! I lost my cookies at Mile 4, Mile 6 and Mile 10. 

Each mile losing my breakfast and the meals from the previous day, made me lose more time, which made me feel more frustrated that I was losing my PR.

Slowly, my hip was hurting causing great pain. 

And I just wanted to be done at mile 8, but I knew I had bling waiting and family, so I just kept on trekking along.
When running gets tough, you get tougher and give it everything you got to finish and that's what I did! Despite the pain, the throwing up and rain, I was going to run that 15.5 miles and earn my medals, no matter what time!
Honestly, running a marathon was tough, but this was the hardest race yet! My body had nothing in it and was keeping nothing it. 

I am super proud of these medals and the races that I ran to get the Gazelle girl and Riverbank! Even though this race was awful, I'm so glad I stuck it out, dug deep and finished!

Q: What has been the hardest race or hardest accomplishment you've achieved? 


Karen Seal said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you got so sick mid-race! Way to stick it out and finish, though! That's a huge accomplishment! My worst race was a 4th of July 4 miler - I also lost my cookies at the end and ugh...yuck. I definitely don't want to do that again!

Sarah said...

Sometimes our worst races make us better runners.. I'm just thankful to finish and take the journey of the race! Glad you didn't toss your cookies :)

Britt said...

your perseverance is amazing!!