Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Big Tractors with Casey and Friends Children's Book

Have you ever wanted to grow up on a farm? Or ever imagined what a farm life would be like? I know that something about that lifestyle makes me excited or the thought of it does. I had the opportunity to get a bit size about the tractor world, which I know nothing about and it's all from a kids perspective.

"Big Tractors with Casey and Friends" is a book perfect for kids ages of all ages. This has four books that will be released in 2015. 


Here are the four "Casey and Friends" books your family will just love, especially your little tractor fan! 
-A Year on the Farm with Casey & Friends
-Big Tractors with Casey & Friends
-Combines with Casey & Friends
-Planters & Cultivators with Casey & Friends

This book, "Big Tractors" introduces kids to the world of farm equipment, which lets be honest, is AWESOME! It shows how the most powerful tractors Big Red and Sammy use their power to pull heavy equipment, move things and work on the field as a team to get the job done. This book is told with a cartoon theme and has caption bubbles, which makes it fun and can be used to give your children different parts of reading in the story. It also has amazing facts about farming, which helps your child discover that farming is more than just "cool" equipment. Not only does this book have factual information, but is it loaded with colorful pictures and is so educational, they won't know how much they've learned by the end of the book. I highly recommend this to any parent who is interested in teaching their child about another life style or if they have a child who is simply interested in big cool tractors! This is a MUST series for your family! 

I have received this product for review purposes only. My review is my own and this is my honest opinion. 

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