Monday, May 4, 2015

29 Years, It's My Birthday!!

I can't believe I am 29 years old!! It seems like yesterday, I was turning 20. Where did the time go? This past weekend we did a ton of celebrating and I found this really cool app, where you can put a photo of yourself and it will throw out a number for your age.
Now, this app isn't that reliable, but it is super fun and it made me feel a lot younger. My husband and I got some great laughs, we talked about retirement and even the possibility of maybe retiring to Disney early. LOL
Seriously? My husband being 53!!!!! What in the world is that about????? Of course, my friends and I were sending pictures back-and-forth to another to see how old we were and here's another funny one.
No matter what, this app puts me below the age of 20, Which isn't such a bad thing. We had a lot of laughs with this. I highly recommend that you drop a photo of you and your friends or your family in here you'll get a lot of laughs too!!!

Hope you all have a great Monday and I will let you know more about my birthday celebration festivities over the rest of the week along with some great races that I have been running and races that I have in the works.
Happy Monday!!


Britt said...

I tried like 5 pictures and all of them put me in my 40s! yikes!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Two Runners Travel said...

Belated Happy Birthday and congrats on the under 20 pics. You will be really happy you look on the younger side in about 30 years!

Karen Seal said...

That's hysterical!! Hope you had an amazing birthday!! :)

Sarah said...

Crazy!! Hope you had a great Birthday too!

Sarah said...

Lol! Thanks for the Birthday wishes. How true that will be!

Sarah said...

I thought it was funny too. My husband and I were joking retirement at Disney. I'm thinking we should go for it :)