Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ten Ways to be JOYFUL in a SAD world

The Back of the book:
A unique combination of biblical teaching, scientific research, and personal biography shows those who follow Jesus how to live joyful, purposeful lives.
Hopelessness has invaded much of our culture, even reaching deep into the church. But while the world is awash in negativity, Christians have resources to live differently.
In The Happy Christian, professor and pastor David Murray blends the best of modern science and psychology with the timeless truths of Scripture to create a solid, credible guide to positivity. The author of the acclaimed Christians Get Depressed Too, Murray exposes modern negativity's insidious roots and presents ten perspective-changing ways to remain optimistic in a world that keeps trying to drag us down.
The Happy Christian invites readers to shed negativity and become countercultural missionaries by demonstrating the positive power of the gospel in their lives.

My Review: 
In our daily living, we can either choose JOY or we can choose to taken out by the stuff we see in the news. The choice is ours! However, our life isn't easy and I'm not even going to pretend it is because I know it is extremely difficult. I LOVE how each chapter teaches us how to take something that could be sad and spins it into something happy in an optimistic way. The world can really drag us down. The book talks about topics such as the media, guilt, feelings, the past, sin criticism and many more, but spins them in a positive way. Here is the thing, I found that I am harder on myself and I am my worse critic. Can I can an AMEN? Are ya'll with me? Are you you're worse critic? I found myself thinking, I am so focused on the NEGATIVE and not the positive. WHAT is WRONG with me!!! This book was a game changer! I highly recommend it. Thank you Thomas Nelson! 

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