Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gazelle Girl Half Marathon

There is nothing like running a race that is made for women sponsored by Nike and hosted by our local running store. I was super pumped to run this half marathon, okay maybe pumped wasn't the right word, THRILLED!

I was also trying to tell myself this was just another training run for Riverbank coming up in May. Since that is the largest 25k in the country, I am really trying to save my speed and endurance for that beast. 

I will say I was disappointed with my time, but given everything my body and things that I have gone through as of lately in my life, overall, I am happy to have finished standing up, and my pace didn't completely tank like I thought it should have. 

Plus, the winds were awful and it wasn't a day for PR's or at least not for me and not for many people. Either way, it was a nice race for women, it was a great course and I had a lot of fun.  

I loved having the support of a great friend, LeAnn and my hubby! LeAnn was waiting for me at the finish when I was ready to lose it. I got sick on the course, dehydrating out and well, it was just not my day, but I was determined that I would finish! Plus, we had some great cheerleaders and awesome signage! 

In tomorrows post, I will be talking about a mishap or something that my body is still trying to recover from and what I am doing to correct it, ASAP! Stay tuned!

The Bling & Shirt, which I work to work Monday!

Q: Did you run any races this weekend? Did you follow the Boston coverage?


Two Runners Travel said...

Congrats on completing the race Sarah. A friend of ours ran and it was not her best day either. I ran the Boston Marathon last Monday and it was such a wonderful experience. I can't wait to run it again.

Unknown said...
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