Monday, February 2, 2015

Finally finding peace with the treadmill

Happy Monday! Did y'all here we got slammed with snow? Cuz we totally did!!! It's pretty to look at, but I'll continue to pass running outside until it warms outside and save my lungs from getting any crazy infections.  We got another Snow Day out of it!! Yahoo!
            Drifts from my window

I'm more excited to tell you what happened this weekend on the dreadmill. Well, first the hamsterwheel and I are becoming friends. Doesn't that shock y'all? I didn't think the day would come. I've never been able to pull off more than 3 miles on the thing, but this past weekend I pulled off six miles. I'm training for a 25k and a half marathon. 

I was pretty happy with my time from last weeks run to this week. Last week called for five, this week called for six. My pace is getting faster. Let's compare numbers.

The difference in pace was a 7:21 min mile by adding another mile. Somehow and don't ask me how, my body is adapting to an increase on the dreadmill for pace. It's a great feeling!

When my runs at the gym are done, I feel like I might die, but I'm killing them and it's a beautiful thing. I'm super proud of my accomplishments at this point in my training right now! My husband is just knocking a PR out of the park every time we go. It's nuts really!!!!

I'm getting super excited for spring races here!!!!  Is it May yet??? 

Q: What was your proudest training moment?

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