Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WDW Marathon Weekend and Why you Should do It!!

When I think of the longest month of the year, January, I think of my favorite memory! Running at Walt Disney World during marathon weekend doesn't compare to any other races I've done. If you've never run a Disney race I highly recommend it, but more importantly I recommend Marathon weekend at Disney World. Nothing beats 26.2 miles in four theme parks!

1) Where can you run with thousands of spectactors cheering you on? People are yelling your name and random people are passing on candy! It's amazing to see the Disney spirit come alive. If you're contemplating the 26.2 distance, this is the one to do!

2) You get to run through all four Disney Parks and see a bunch of characters! C'mon that's super sweet!! You can take pictures with your favorite characters, it's distracting and as a first timer, it makes it go by super fast. This is another great reason if your on the fence for 26.2 miles!

These were giant puppet creatures that 
were at WDW marathon during their 20th Anniversary Marathon! Pretty sweet!!

3) Let's talk about the AMAZING bling factor! Disney has got mad bling that nothing can really compares.. Let's be honest!!! They make some stellar hardwear! Again, another reason to cross over and go 26.2!

4) Nothing in this world can compare to crossing the finish line of your first marathon! My emotions were everywhere from excitement to pain and tearful that I had just accomplished the biggest thing on my bucket list! I was a wreck and yet so HAPPY! Determination and victory isn't something you can buy, but Run Disney sure makes the work of 26.2 miles worth every ounce of it!

5) I'll remember this day as a day of fun in the parks where I got to run with people in fun and exciting costumes! People were incredibly generous and helpful. Medical tents were all over the course. Volunteers were phenomal with handing beverages and it was just one of the best days running ever, despite the hot temperatures! It's the reason we went and did Coast to Coast (C2C) for dumbo challenge. If you're thinking about taking you're running to a new level and wanting to go 26.2, Disney pulls out all the magic and doesn't disappoint! 
Q: What is your favorite Run Disney event? Would you run a Disney race? Go the 26.2 distance?


Britt said...

The picture of you 2 crossing the finish line is soo sweet. It made me tear up... I love how Drew jumped right in beside you and supported you and you did it together! It's adorbs!

Karen Seal said...

I couldn't agree with you more! This is one of the best races on Disney property! :) Love all of your pictures, especially the one in front of the castle!

Sarah said...

Britt, after baby you should totally run a half marathon! You're only half crazy!

Sarah said...

I love RunDisney races! If we didn't live so far, I'd be tuning them all the time, but it's so darn expensive. Must move to the SOUTH! Best place to run ever!!