Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday Updates

Yay for Tuesday!!!

This post is going to be mainly about updates.

My first update is going to be on the knee situation. As you can see it is bruising quite well and in the healing process. I go back to the doctor on Friday morning and I am hoping they will lift my restrictions, so I am able to continue training for my races.
It looks ugly, doesn't it? In the meantime, I have been walking the mileage on the treadmill, which stinks!!

My second update, is on my speech therapy. Yesterday, I was put on speech restrictions for teaching large classroom groups as I have the lost my voice, experienced slurred speech, hoarseness in my voice and a weaker voice. Ugh!!!
It will get better, just a small setback.

In other news, my husband has lost 13 pounds. Here is the before picture on Christmas Day.
And here is an after picture, which you can seriously tell in my husbands face. His nutrition has been spot on and he is been a running like crazy. He has been PRing his 5K pace every single time. He's getting faster and faster. I'm seriously jealous of him, but so proud of him. When you can't run you get angry at your spouce, but you also get super excited for them too. 
I hope he continues his weight-loss journey, because it is so good for his racing and his body. Although our grocery bill has skyrocketed, it is worth it to me for every pound he has dropped. I on the other hand, have not dropped a stinking pound and am eating the same things he is. Oh, well!

My last update is that my husband and I have decided to serve at starlight shores again. Starlight Shores is a camp for families who have a child going through pediatric cancer. Like last year, many of you helped fund raise and donated to help support this worthy cause, so families could enjoy a week of camp cost free of charge creating a lifetime of memories with their family, that they might not otherwise have. I can't wait to get you all involved again, as you know it changed our entire life, the families we served and we cannot wait to serve in August this year again!

 Q: do any of you have updates? Any crazy things going on? How's your training going???


KelseyJ said...

Way to go! You guys are looking good! :)

Sarah said...

Drew looks phenomal! I look the same :)